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    A guy who claims he no longer uses a ZTE phone, except as an alarm clock, posts every day using three different names. He posts under one name, and responds to his own post using a different name. Bizarre.

    No person in a position of authority at MetroPcs is telling people not to install B20.  Just one of his three or four troll personas spreading more nonsense.

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    So now you think that I'm ? Dude get off the drugs. I don't need but one account to say what I have to say. If you don't believe that, have the admin run the IP addresses. Otherwise shut the hell up and leave me the hell alone. I've told you 3 times to stop harassing me. Now go play with your defective ZTE phone.

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    Yes there were 2 people working at the MetroPCS store I went to. I have them on video saying it. They both recommend not to update it.

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    ​ That's funny, you should upload that video here or on youtube. But since alanhouson thinks that I'm you and you are me, I guess that I'm just talking to myself. This is too funny!!!

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    Listen some people think that $217 is cheap. Some think it's expensive. I fall into that category of it being my hard earned money wasted. This will now be the 4th phone and no fixing is being done in any way. Every options that I've tried so far has Failed. I'm just looking for help so I don't end up with wasted money and wasted time. Any help to fix the problem is all I'm looking for. The rest of the chatter is just bullsh*t. So please refrain from wasted chatter that has nothing to do with zte b20 update.


    The chick on the couch         

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    Unfortunately, you're not going to get the help you're looking for around here. There are many that came here looking for help including me. And they either get told to, "go talk to Metro" or "do a factory reset". However, if you actually have the video of the Metro employees saying not to download B20. It would be good to show everyone how ZTE and Metro keep passing the buck and blaming each other, while no one ever fixes any of the numerous problems with this phone. We all got suckered and have the right to be pissed off. I know you don't want to hear this, but my best advice to you would be to get a phone made by a reputable company.

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    ​ You do realize that any carrier will go thru an acceptance test of the update before they push out to their customers. If they think it's ready they will send it out OTA.  ZTE has no control what carriers decide to push out to their customers...

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    I didn't tell those employees that I was recording them. I can and will be held liable and prosecuted for a crime. You are not legally allowed to record somebody without their consent so I can't post the video. However I can have it for record in case I am taken to court by MetroPCS if I posted the video.

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    ​ Ok, so you just admitted to a crime and then said that you will use the video in court of said crime if you got in trouble for posting the video of the crime you stated in public you committed??? Watch what you say.

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    I'm only saying that they said not to update it and they said they don't update their phones. The video isn't on my zte phone and the phone it's on isn't mine. If I'm in trouble ok I'll take my punishment but I was getting annoyed at both companies blaming each other. I just want a phone that will actually work and not have so many darn issues. I think everyone who has this type of phone is annoyed that ZTE says call your carrier and the carrier says call ZTE.

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    Just curious if you and coldheat have no problem on B20? Are you both saying you don't experience messaging not working on B20?

    I honestly think this phone is strange how update has different effect on different owners of the phone. Clearly these people whining about this phone has already tried your genius factory reset fix but still having problems or they will stop whining, do you get that?

    The question really is why? Why? In my case I have alternate experience. B12 F'ed up my phone. I am on b14 and it fix my phone. So I  don't want to update to B20 coz that means it will mess up my phone. Especially if of course B20 really mess up your phone.

    And what is the point of beta testing if you don't make sure your update really is 100% fail proof?

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    So what you're saying is that Metro also went through an acceptance test on B14 and thought that it was ready to send out to their customers. Then what happened smart guy? They pulled it because it was garbage. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that Metro is already having problems with this update. Are you actually trying to blame Metro for ZTE's poor update software?

    And by the way, since ZTE is the one making the updates for this phone, ultimately they have all the control over what is sent out to the customers. Unless of course you think Metro is somehow going to provide the updates for your phone. But somehow I'm 99.5% sure that wasn't in the contract. You people lack common sense.

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    When I bought this phone the guy said he hasn't heard about any issues with it. I'm still under warranty that's why he ordered another replacement and made a note on his computer screen of what my problems are since I updated it. My message icon is still doing the same thing not showing me that there is a message and my cell is not showing missed calls on the phone icon. Guess this is pretty much a waste of my time till I get my replacement phone.

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    ​ You don't know what you're talking about. It's not illegal to video someone without their consent, unless it's invasion of privacy. And there is no expectation of privacy in a place open to the public. So unless she recorded them in the bathroom of the MetroPCS store, it's not illegal.

    People record the police all the time. Lots of people recorded that Asian guy getting yanked off that United flight. Undercover news stories video people all the time. I can walk through the mall with my phone up in the air and record everyone I see. Go to youtube and look at all of the videos of people recording other people without consent. Do you think they are all going to jail or something? Are you people even from the US and know the laws here?

    I think you're just trying to scare her into not posting the video. So why don't you stop trying to intimidate the members here. You're abusing your admin title!!!

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    Again folks the video is not on my phone. It's on my husband's​ phone. No one is trying to scare me to not post it. I don't scare easily. Lol...

    So many YouTube videos of this new b20 update that I don't understand how some people don't have issues but other people are..  Factory reset didn't do anything for my phone is all I'm saying.

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    If you look, there should be release notes available for new fixes and purpose of the updates

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    ​ I read in ​'s battery tricks thread, as well as this one, that you run school apps on your device.  I no longer run those apps because I've found them to be generally dysfunctional. So I am paranoid that they will mess up my phone's functions. ...Seeing as how they don't seem to function within their own app parameters to begin with.  My guess is, generally education doesn't yet allocate the resources for in house I.T. development.  Their code is generally like Swiss cheese.  Not much unlike, a carpenter's guess.

    And it's been my experience that the staff at school don't see the bugs and general holes in the apps, on their end,(though you might translate the end user participation statistics).  It's generally the end user, enrollees and parents that find the school apps incomplete and full of holes. 

    Disclosure: maybe your school apps are just fine.  But I will say this much more.  Everyone I know with a zmp, myself included, enjoys using it as their designated device.  It would also be my guess, that since the updates rolled out as b14_b17_b20, there were probably a few updates in between that only saw beta.  Logic would then translate that action to "ZTE invests in resources for continued device support through tests and new updates. even when the target audience is only gonna spend $100 on that unit."  Do you know, there are people that spend upward toward $1,000 DOOR A PHONE!?  That to me is enough to take notice of the apparent mission of the company.  ZTE is not only providing users like you and me, the opportunity to have a well performing, high capacity device but they're still rolling out fully tested updates in support of that device.  Again, look at the update numbers to this unit.  That being said, this zmp runs better with b20 than ever before.  No major malfunctions and fps faster. Unit also performs data functions more reliably.  Looking at the way the phone device market rolls out new hardware and the timing of the release of zmp.....I'll be ready to buy the next generation of zmax product line, when it becomes available at the end of 2017.

  • thecarpenterthecarpenter Mesquite, TexasPosts: 635 ✭✭✭✭✭

    fps more responsive.

  • trishd00trishd00 FloridaPosts: 35

    I have no issues with the school apps at all. When I did the reset, like it's been mentioned so many times in these posts, I haven't even installed the school apps back to my cell yet and it's still doing the same thing.

    My question to you is are you using the same message app that came with the phone or did you get a new message app?? I did notice from other posts on other websites that the people who don't have the issues I'm having with the message app or phone app really aren't using the apps that we're already installed on this ZTE zmax pro phone. So I'm confused why some are having issues while others aren't. Mind boggling.

    I did write ZTE and never received a reply back yet.

  • thecarpenterthecarpenter Mesquite, TexasPosts: 635 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree.  It is mind boggling to say the least.  And I'm really sorry you're having such a bad experience with zte.  I'm not the kind of person to endorse a corporation.,.  I'm a proletariat who longs for a time from before I remember. Corporations just complicate life. But ZTE has purposefully reached out to people of my economic demographic.  They've given me an opportunity to compete as a consumer, with my peers and associates otherwise.  I look smart to those around me with $800 phones, for having such a great bang for the buck, in my pocket.  And btw, they're always complaining about issues and bugs in their phones as well.

    I only use the stock messaging app that comes preinstalled on the phone. 

    I don't use a lot of third party apps for system or carrier functions that come pre installed.  But I do use a ton of apps, for work play and entertainment.  I have many third party apps installed and running. They are also subject to the app developers quality. 

    A unit and Its software outta be compatible with any number of a wide array of apps available on the market.....and vice a versa

    Furthermore, the Operating Equipment Manufacture OEM, isn't the only player in the game either.  Google, which is also actually android operating system, is also responsible for much of the performance of our android devices.  These devices are "powered" by android.  Not built by them.  Google is responsible for creating device performance issues as well. 

  • trishd00trishd00 FloridaPosts: 35

    Now I'm not receiving phone calls. My best friend just emailed me saying I've been trying to call you since last night after you did the factory reset. What the heck.

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    Trish you should not have any of these problems. I don't, and have installed every update thus far.

    Couple quick things, excuse me if you have done the following:

    APN settings. Google the correct settings. I do believe they were changed somehow on my ZMP and I recall having to change them. (This was several months ago, can't recall exactly what occurred).

    Install "Google messages app" from the play store. I recall having trouble with the native messaging app.

    Turn off "WiFi Calling".

    At some point(s) in the last year I have made these changes and my ZMP operates as new.

    Fwiw I have many biz apps installed and  use this device daily.

    Here's hoping you get squared away

  • trishd00trishd00 FloridaPosts: 35

    Wifi calling is off. Help me find apn settings to see if it has been changed. I'm so ready to run this phone over.

  • trishd00trishd00 FloridaPosts: 35

    Now I'm receiving calls after I called 611 on mymetro app. So this representative said it would be best not to update system when I get my 4th replacement phone. Apparently they had an issue with no calls coming in. Ahh makes me think of switching carriers and phone brand.

  • freddiezfreddiez Posts: 74 ✭✭✭✭

    Settings /cellular network/ access point names 

    Then check to see they are all set like this:

    MetroPCS ZTE Zmax Pro Internet and MMS APN Settings for United States - APN Settings USA

    The one I remember was incorrect on mine was " APN TYPE"

    Hope this works for you

  • trishd00trishd00 FloridaPosts: 35

    How to do I post screenshots on here to show what my cell says?

    Nevermind I found it but mine shows weird stuff. Here is one screenshot and I will post the other screenshot in a second.

  • trishd00trishd00 FloridaPosts: 35

    Here is the second screenshot and I can't click on anything to change it..

  • That's exactly what you should to. Switch carriers and phone brands. Get a Moto G5 plus and switch over to H20, Cricket, or ATT. They all run on ATT towers. When you do that, ZTE will only be a bad memory.

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    I'm having problems finding my voicemail icon. On my phone I use to tap the  phone icon and it gives you fav, history,contacts and voicemail. After the update my voicemail is gone. If I get a call and they leave a voicemail, I get 2 notifications. One says call VM #. The other has the number that called. If I click on the VM with the missed call # it takes me to my call log.the only way to get to VM'S now is calling the main number. Can anyone help?

  • thecarpenterthecarpenter Mesquite, TexasPosts: 635 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Try 2 things.

    1) scrolling right at the top and see if vm is hidden off screen to the


    2) in the metro apps, "visual voice mail" is how I get to it.  It's

    actually more convenient

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