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Just turned this phone on for the first time in a few months.  What does this update consist of?

T-Mobile ZMax Pro Z981


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    I am guessing it is the T-Mobile version of the MetroPCS B20 update which has security updates and bug fixes.

    If you install the update and your phone is not running smoothly, do a clean factory reset with new settings to flush out bugs from prior software.

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    It has lots of fixes!!!!    Try it, so far it has improved the device greatly.

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    I still have the proximity sensor issue on calls where the screen doesn't turn on and off no matter the screen duration setting. Still missing predictive text. Still have wonky SMS and MMS quality and reliability. Same strange screen flickers.

    Factory reset applied. No restoration from backup.

    What at exactly was fixed???

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    So you have a change log?

    What was fixed? 

    I see T-Mobile has already long stopped support for this phone. The last update to their software page was January 2017.

    ZTE has no info. In fact they still don't list this as a T-Mobile device in their support page.

    Like I've said before. I use the ZMP as a backup and for times I dont need my iP7+ (places I don't mind a phone being stolen or broken) but would love it to work when I do use it.

    Right now now it is relegated to use as a home security camera. Which is made even more sad by the poor quality camera on it. But hey. It was paid for and I couldn't even give it away. So I might as well use it for something.

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    No I do not have a change log, since this is a carrier device the  carrier has to post the changelog.

    I'm not having any of the issues that you are having,....... may I ask:

    -  Do you have a case on your phone?

    - What predictive text are you missing??  Can you provide an example so that I can try and duplicate it.

    - Wonky Text??  I am a heavy texter (is that a word???)    I usually send about 4,300 text a month.   My main issue is that I get a lot  of freezing on my text messages....but that usually occurs when I have over 1,200 text in a thread (for a single user or group text).

  • You'll never get an "official" answer to that question because nothing of importance was fixed. They probably just did a fake beta test and renumbered the B14 update to B20 and sent it out. That would explain the super secret NDA non sense. This company ain't spending no money on support. They already have our money, they're working on ripping off the next generation of suckers.

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    No case. Predictive text.....text that populates above the keyboard as a suggestion for the word you are typing or the next word to follow in conversation context. The message thread is all but empty since I just reset the phone for this last update.   As mentioned. T-Mobile dropped this device long ago. They don't even have a section for ZTE in the community forums. ZTE falls under Other Devices.

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    And it seems that for every 10 Metro users there MIGHT be 1 T-Mobile user. And you'd think the updates would be about the same for both Magenta and Rent-A-Gent considering it's the same company and network. Too much squirrelyness really.  Totally agree with asianrocker that this phone is just weird in how an update fixes 2 out of 5 issues but breaks 2 more and worsens 3 existing issues.

    Kinda thinking this phone is dead for T-Mobile users. DOA really. Would've exchanged or returned the thing long ago except I wasn't paying $75 to exchange a $175 phone nor $25 to warranty exchange. And no way was I going through ZTEs hoops to exchange with them.

    This is was a great device in theory but the subpar camera and audio and especially the software really killed it. I mean it was basically stock. How do you screw that up? 

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    So even tmobile has same bug basically the messaging is F'ed up again? The built in text messaging in this phone is a pain. Sad that you have to install a messaging up for it to work. The 'solution' for the new bug on the latest update- install a messaging app. That's what I read anyway.

    That would be a hassle for me coz I really prefer to just use the built in apps in my phone. I never ever installed any messaging apps on any of my phone.

  • coldheat06coldheat06 Fort Worth, Texas Posts: 1,344 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    ​ T-Mobile has a lot of ZTE discussions located in   Other Android Discussions | T-Mobile Support Hopefully you will be able to find some of your answers there.

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    Yes. 3 discussions. 1 for the Zinger. 1 for the Axon 7. And the 1 I myself started.

    The ZMP is the only ZTE device T-Mobile has carried for a while. I think I was the only user with the ZMP on T-Mobile. And. As you can see I am no slouch in either Magenta's nor Verizon's forums.

    I see that you are highly regarded for information and advice. Or so your rank would suggest.  Figured the best source would be ZTEs forums. But that was just an assumption.

    Nonetheless. T-Mobile is sending a replacement LG G4 and ZMP to me this week. We will see what happens.

  • tube0517tube0517 tube68@gmail.comPosts: 18

    I am the same way. I would like to use the built in messaging due to RCS but sadly it is too erratic.

    Textra and Android Messaging will have RCS once it gets rolling for all phones.

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    Not much info. But at least I got them to update the page.

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    The G4 is a good device I used to have one.   Good luck with it.

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    After a lot resetting and configuring my replacement zmp seems a little better than the first. It's still got some quirky behavior with WiFi and WiFi calling.  Sometimes it connects (calling) sometimes not. Other times it connects to WiFi but has no internet. Sometimes it will switch over to LTE on WiFi if there is no internet connection. It's random.

    Messaging seems to receive or send late once in a while and the app stutters sometimes when opening.

    Seems this one's issue is mainly in network connectivity.

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    Also. Bluetooth turns off after x minutes if not connected. This means I have to manually turn it on each time I get into the vehicle. My old one did not Auto disconnect. The Bluetooth stack and version also doesn't jive well. Like I said. Connectivity issues abound.

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