Axon Pro A1P - Bluetooth car pairing problems?

Got my Axon Pro unlocked from Newegg last december. The phone works fine except for Bluetooth car pairing.  Initially I was unable to paired it with my 2012 Chevrolet Cruze.  My Cruze bluetooth pairing worked fine with my former Android phones (Nexus One and Nexus 4). After a lot of toubleshooting and try and errors I finally gave up finding a solution since my Cruze is pretty old...

Now I got a brand new 2017 Fiat 124 spider, and still have Bluetooth problems.  Here's the message I get from the Fiat UConnect system (Fiat 124 use the same infotainment than Mazda) when I pair the phone:

"Connected to A1P with audio profile but could not connect to phone profile." Pretty frustating, since I want to use my phone for phone calling not as media center, I have USB keys for that purpose...!

On my phone in my car Bluetooth parameters, "Phone audio", "Media audio" and "Contact sharing" are all checked.

Any Idea? I tried everything when initially pairing with my Cruze (clear the cache, factory reset image, etc...). Seem like something is blocking access to phone app from bluetooth...


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    Hi ​ Welcome to the Z-Community.  

    I have the  Axon Pro A1P and don't have any Bluetooth issues.  Have you tried connecting other phones to your Fiat?   I currently have a 2011 Acura MDX and a 2015 Honda Civic EX and they both are able to connect.

  • Yes I tried, like I said in my initial post the Fiat system connect to Axon audio profile but not to phone profile.  That's the error message I get.  On my Cruze it's not working at all because my Cruze system is limited to handsfree calling feature, I have never been able play music over bluetooth connexion.

    For me personally, that's the purpose of connecting my phone to the car --> handsfree calling.  Do you have handsfree calling feature in your Honda or you just play music from your phone over bluetooth connexion?

    It may be a bluetooth incompatibility issue, and if that's the case, I'll keep my cars and the Axon Pro will have to go. After searching this forum it's obvious this phone isn't very well supported by ZTE anyway. And still no bootloader to unlock this phone is available, so no workaround solution.

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    Sorry for the late post.... I couldn't find your thread.

    Yes I have hands free calling on my Honda Civic.  I am able to make and receive calls, and also stream music over the Bluetooth.

    I even did a FDR was still able to connect.   How long have you had the  A1P?  if you bought it from Amazon you may need to contact them for a replacement.

  • I don't think a replacement would do the trick, it's a compatibility issue. I'll try to contact ZTE and request a bootloader unlock. There's solution replacing stock ZTE/ 6.0.1 Android with other Android version...

    Bootloader Unlock Available for the ZTE Axon 7 and Axon Pro

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