Looks like us US Citizens.....

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Probably won't get the phone Untill late august..... With EU being launched now they won't get it until July 30th UK prob early august, US seems like mid August until we get are hands on. Maybe we will get a July 4th-5th launch..... But I doubt we will get are hands on the device before EU and they won't be shipped until July 30th.....


  • hmmmmm if it takes that long to get the phone to me, I may have to buy the OP3 . My hope is still high!

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    You may regret that. Hold strong!

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    Has nothing to do with ZTE_USA

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     In an emailed statement, ZTE Chairman Zhao Xianming said the extension shows that the company is improving its compliance and cooperating with the government's investigation. The reprieve will allow ZTE to maintain its "relationships with hundreds of American companies and our continued investment in the U.S," he said.
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    Sadly,  I'm kind of losing hope.  I don't like to be kept in the dark,  and for a company to say things and constantly back pedal and retract things.  It makes me uneasy.  If this is a glimpse of what is to come (for me as someone who only heard about ZTE in May),  then I may have to start looking elsewhere.  My phone is broken,  and I'm tired of not knowing what's going on with the US release. 

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    Anything that affects ZTE China affects ZTE USA.

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