Please how to Reset Zte Z988 Cricket Network Unlock Counter?

jamil1982jamil1982 NigeriaPosts: 3 ✭✭✭

bought Zte Z988 Cricket Wireless which have network lock, i ordered the unlock code, they send me, but im facing problem because phone showing (THIS DEVICE IS NETWORK LOCKED.YOU STILL HAVE 0 TIMES TO UNLOCK THE DEVICE.) so when i type the code the ok button doesn't highlight may be because of too many wrong code which the previous owner typed,i contact the network unlock re seller , he gave me two option to Reset Network setting or to install latest firmware,i did the network resetting but it doesn't work, the second option i cant find the firmware anywhere, please i need your help if there is anyway to reset the network unlock counter to any number or to help me with the firmware plssss, i attach the phone screenshot before typing the code and after typing the code, phone model ZTE Z988 From cricket Networkattachment.php.jpgattachment2.php.pngattachment3.php.png


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