Axon 7 goes to sleep when viewing video

this is an odd one.  For the last few days I've been watching a lot of Netflix and had no problems at all.  Today I'm having a problem with the screen going to sleep when watching any video at all.  I've changed nothing and the display has been set to sleep after 1 minute of activity since I purchased the phone.  I don't understand what has changed.  I've uninstalled netflix as well as rebooted the phone twice and it still won't let me watch a video without going to sleep after one minute.  I've set the screen timeout to NEVER but that shouldn't be the permanent fix.

Any ideas to fix this are welcome.


  • The same thing happened to me twice with Netflix yesterday. It was two separate times it happened, once I turned the screen on, it didn't sleep for the rest of the video. Hours later, same thing. Weird.

  • whats really odd is ever since it started doing this with video, now when the phone is actually asleep at night and an alert comes in, the phone never goes back to sleep.

    I think its time to just return this to Amazon for a refund.  I've never had a phone do things like this before.  I'm also not overly impressed with the battery life either.  Its a shame because I like have a an OS that actually gets updates.  LG was always horrible about that but their phones were solid.

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    Can't say that I blame you.  I bought the premium version directly from ZTE and wished I had returned it in the 30-day window.  Now I'm stuck with it.  I bought the phone in the latter part of December and am on the 3rd update and it still has problems!   I've never had a phone as buggy as this one.  EVER!

  • What issues were you having?  Just curious.

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    What app are you using to watch videos? Many apps have settings that say keep screen on. I use Black Music Player and I have a option to keep screen up and running while playing. As for battery use, I have no complaints. I start use including streaming videos beginning at 6AM and taking calls all day and I did not charge it until 3PM.  

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    The main issue that still plagues me is that Bluetooth metadata doesn't display on my vehicle's head unit.  The music plays but no artist info and song title is shown.  My old Galaxy Note 2 did this flawlessly.  I have avoided customizing my phone too much for fear that I'll break something that's working.  The BT settings will just "magically" change themselves. 

  • netflix and google video.  The point being here is that everything worked fine up until yesterday then it just started going to sleep during playback for no reason.  I shouldn't need to download a third party app to resolve the issue.  Also, the device started leaving the screen on indefinitely when a notification came in as well.  That was a huge problem.  My display settings never changed.  screen on for one minute then off.  Everything was fine until yesterday and I didn't install anything new or delete anything old.  Didn't change any settings.  The phone just went wacky.

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    This is not anything unusual with many phones and it usually means it's time to clean the cache and get rid of apps that are running if you are not using them.

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    From my perspective, a MAJOR issue with this phone's software is that settings will change on their own!   One day something works and the next day it doesn't and you haven't changed a thing.

  • no that isn't the case here.  I ran my LG G2 for two years and LG G Flex 2 for the 2 years and this never happened.  I've had this phone for two weeks and seen more problems than the last 4 years combined.

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    ​, please try wiping the cache partition from the recovery menu. This has solved more issues than I care to admit.  Give it a shot and let us know the results.  Thanks!

    Turn your device off. Hold the volume up + power button to boot up in Recovery, select wipe cache partition.

  • I had actually already done that and it didn't help.  No matter, I already returned it.

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    I  just tried on my device, and no issues. I am up to 11 minutes, and the device has not gone to sleep yet.

  • maulgandhimaulgandhi New JerseyPosts: 408

    Please indicate What update is your device on?

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    It could be a setting that needs to changed. It could also be something

    with just that phone. Many of us are not having that problem. If it was

    mine, I'd try wiping it and starting over or I'd just exchange it. I'm

    not having any problems with my mine.

  • That would imply that the phone is randomly changing settings.  I already know I didn't change a thing on mine when this started.  With that being the case, I'm glad I returned it.

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    As I mentioned earlier, it *DOES* randomly change settings!

  • onematonemat Nashville, TNPosts: 80

    Hi Steve

    What carrier and what version are you using? 

  • stevec5375stevec5375 Austin, TXPosts: 552 ✭✭

    T-Mobile and 7.1.1.

  • onematonemat Nashville, TNPosts: 80

    Have you contacted ZTE support? It's sounds like a software issue.  If they can't help you fix it,  I would think they would replace it.

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