Voice caller ID and answer with voice? HELP!!!

           When I first got my axon 7 back in Nov 2016.  There was a feature that would tell you who's calling so you don't have to look at your phone this also enabled an option to answer your phone with your voice without picking it up.  So when someone called it would say "Call from (number or person calling).  Would you like to answer or decline, with a text message?".   Ever since I factory reset my phone I can't find that option to turn it back on.  Did they take it away after the update?  It continued to work after the update, but it stopped after I reset the phone.  If they didn't where is it in settings and how do I turn it on?


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    hi, Tylorhansen

    The setting you are looking for is called "My Voice". Open the app folder and you will see the app. There you can customize different voice setting and features for the phone.

  • Thank you so much I thought it was buried in the settings somewhere.  Forgot it was its own app.  Thanks again.

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    Is there any detail instructions to use My Voice?  I had turned on the option in My Voice; It seems not working for me.
    I was driving and sms beeps notification came. but no announcement who texted and what.


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    hi, @cf07

    Are you still running Nougat because My Voice is removed with Oreo? I recall with Nougat that My Voice did announce caller's name when I receive calls (not 100% sure if it will read text, I think it does). Check under My voice setting for  Caller ID reader and if you have it set as "Caller ID reader and voice control", it will read the caller name to you. If you have it set to voice control then phone will not read the caller's name but let you use voice control to make calls or no caller id.

    If you are driving, it maybe easier to just use Android Auto and use Google assistant instead. 
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    yes, Mini7 with Nougat.  mini7 is the abandoned child of AXON line.😥😥😥😥

    yes, Caller ID and Control is turned ON.
    line 1 selection. Caller ID reader &Voice Control. suppose caller ID spoken.
    but when sms arrives.no announcement..just beep.
    wonder if there are other options needed to be turn on or off.
    voice unlock. OFF
    Music Play. OFF
    Auto call. OFF
    Wakeup my VoiCe OFF.

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