Bypass FTC Google Lock Zmax

andrwhoandrwho MnPosts: 2

This method is for allot of Google account login trouble. Will probably work for most Androids. The first half I read online then I got stuck unable to install any apps and I figured out the rest which I couldn't find any answers to online.  Hard reset your phone, power+vol↑ When phone boots and your on blue screen hold two fingers on screen one on each side of yellow circle. After accessibility mode is enabled (by holding two fingers on screen) draw a giant letter U on blue screen after you exit out of tutorial. In Google search bar type Stock Android and select. Hold Vol↑+Vol↓ to disable accessibility. Open Amazon App and install ES File Explorer. This will enable the install of packages which is disabled when you bypass a Google lock. Then search in browser for DTP test apk (Digital Test Prep) the 2.0 version worked for me. Download, accept permissions and allow install from unknown sources and choose a package installer. Some devices might still have a package installer enabled and won't need ES File but if you get an error saying no app can perform this function when trying to install the DTP test app then you need to use Amazon to install ES File Explorer. I was locked out of my Google account/phone for a week unable to install ANY packages until I found Amazon had an app store and I knew if they had ES File then I'd be able to fix my phone, after a frustrating week I hit a home run. The DTP app is pretty easy and after you install and open it, it will install a second app and that is the app you need. Once you click wipe device and boot up go to settings backup and restore and reset your phone using that method which is disabled when you bypass the Google lock, the DTP test app enables this option. Good luck. I was grinning as I walked back into T-Mobile to tell them how it's done, they said ppl are always getting locked out and they also said I was literally the only person they've ever seen get their phone fully restored after being locked out by Google. They were genuinely shocked and didn't know it was even possible.


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