[Android tips] Safely share your device with your kids and friends

rikkkurdrikkkurd United statesPosts: 318 ✭✭

If you use android 5.0 or higher you can use user profiles to allow only specific apps to open in a certain profile, If you do not have android 5.0 yet such as me, then AppLock is a great tool to limit your kids from making unintended phone calls.


Start google play and search for AppLock
  • after starting the app create a pincode and a email adres to restore the pincode if you forget this.
  • From the homescreen you can limit the use of several functions and apps such as calling, gmail etc.
  • Every app you select will need a pincode everytime you want to open it
  • If you want to use profiles or block images and video you have to pay
  • Download AppLock in Google Play (gratis)
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