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Hi all!

I've got 2 relatively minor issues w/my ZMax Pro (from MetroPCS).. aside from the inability to change main button function.. which I've learned to live with. (There's no "details/info button like there was on my last Samsung, which will always mess me up no matter how hard I try.) BUT, back to topic!  I know I can simply slide my finger up on the left side of the screen to increase brightness when the video player annoyingly auto-dims its screen, but when video's even enabled it auto-dim's my overall phone's brightness that I have to go in and fix, and neither of which seems to do much for actually returning the screen to the full brightness I need. (I'm legally blind, so dim screens REALLY do me in.)  I've gone to Settings but there seems to be no way I can manually disable or uncheck an "auto dim" option like I've seen in some Android forums.  So.. how do I fix this..? It's crazy annoying as one who works with video on a relllatively regular basis.

Secondly, I also can find no means of disabling my phone's proximity sensor, which again, is a HUGE issue for a person w/a visual impairment.  I've gone into Phone, Call, and Display settings, but see nothing to fix this issue.  But every time I'm in a call and either put my phone on my shoulder to free up my hands the bloody screen turns on, or if I get close enough to SEE the number pad the bloody thing turns OFF.  And at least in Samsung phones I could go into Accessibility and finagle the settings to shut this "feature" off.  But it seems like all of my issues w/this phone stem from its designers trying to dumb the phone down so much they end up taking away truly useful and important options to folks who really need to finagle certain aspects of their phones to create a more user-friendly experience.

Thanks SO very much for any help you may provide,


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    Unfortunately nothing above actually helps me with either of my problems.  I'm aware of the screen timeout feature, and this is definitely not that, and what it "should" be doing and what it is may be two very different things. I've changed screen timeout duration manually long ago in my display settings, and this is an issue solely based around playing videos, even when I've just hit "Play" (meaning the screen timeout issue should not even remotely be an issue.)

    As for the proximity sensor, yes, both of these scenarios are precisely what I mention in my query as being the problem- which is why I need to find a way to turn it OFF.  I don't have the option of leaning away from the screen because I need to get close to see it, due to my visual impairment. And I'd like to have a phone I can put on my shoulder briefly for a hands-free moment, w/o cutting off my call or bleeping the my conversation counterpart into oblivion.

    Sorry for any perceived snarkiness or brusqueness.  I just don't see any actual solutions in the reply, so getting a response and just having my problems repeated back to me was kind of.. disappointing. I hope I didn't come across as a raving byotch. *lol*   I appreciate the reply in that at least you were trying to help.



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