Keep Calm and Axon

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We are very excited about our community's anticipation of the Axon 7 and have been busy making enhancements based on beta feedback. These tweaks were necessary to make this flagship device even more impactful in your everyday life. That said, an announcement is coming soon so please stay tuned!



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    Do what you've gotta do. I'll be here.

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    Just so long as we don't Ax-off, right? It's amazing how good the "Axon" branding may actually turn out to be.  There's probably a few Zaxxon puns to be made too, for us classic arcade guys.

    Anyway, I'll be very happy to see an announcement, particularly if "soon" translates to "this week."  My HTC 10 is driving me nuts with the wacko screen polarization (My phone is essentially my in-car infotainment, it's essential it work right with sunglasses on). Definitely looking to move off of it soon to a nice polarization-free AMOLED screen.

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    Thank you for the update as we are all very eager in some news of the a pre-order/release date. 

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    Thanks for the update!

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    Thank you ​ for the update.

  • Thank you for the update, it is much appreciated!

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  • I just hope soon is like actually soon and not Half-Life 3 soon.


  • Thanks ​ for the update. I'm one of those guys in the crowd that can't wait any longer. Not because, I'm not patient, but because my phone is dying on me and i'm holding on to it as long as I can. Everyday with no news from ZTE, I think of just going ahead ordering the OP3 ( whether its better than Axon 7 is another debate ). But sanity has prevailed till now. From the past couple of days, looking at the trend in posts (related to release dates), I don't think I'm the only one. Release dates are discussed more vigorously on this forum, with people mining the net for any kind of information. We need some updates from you guys to calm things (for a while). If the reports of an announcement mid-July with shipping mid-August are true ( discussed on another thread ), I'm out. I don't think my device will last that long. But if there is some sort of an announcement, I can at least decide to move on or stay back. Cheers!

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    As Homer Simpson says - "Woohoo!"

    thatll be all.  Carry on.

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    Axon. Ax-off. Sounds like a lumberjack stripping a tree. On second thought, that might be tree-son.

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    Just have to make the phone to perfection

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    It will be great to have a bug free YASSSSS! Moving on Up from shameless Oneplus 2.

    "A Phone made entirely with you (me) in mind!"

    "Nerve Center All Things You!"  Your Style, Your Passion, Your Performance.

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    Just Ax on.

  • Awesome sauce! Thanks for an update. I am down to wait if it means an improvement in the final product. Keep on keepin' on ZTE.

  • Announcement in a few days, possibly Monday July 4, for the pre-sale in mid July, to be shipped out in August.

    Let's see if this prediction will hold.

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    I would say Nah can't be true.  ZTE Device is globally oriented division of ZTE they might be misinformed on this.

    Non-Edited comment from ZTE Device Facebook.    (16hrs)Edited comment from ZTE Device Facebook.       (3hrs)

    So I am guessing they got the wrong information. Let's hope because I am not waiting that long to just play the waiting game.

    @peter yao

    "A Phone made entirely with you (me) in mind!"

    "Nerve Center All Things You!"  Your Style, Your Passion, Your Performance.

    Never Settle

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  • Same here.

    I'm using a borrowed phone and I want to return it fast tbh. It'd be good to know a real release date soon and when it'll be AVAILABLE.


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    I've heard soon too many times to get too excited about this. I'm also interested in seeing what these "tweaks" may be.  Any more teasers coming for the community ​? I miss those!

  • arysynarysyn IllinoisPosts: 1,067

    Perhaps tweaks to make the display edge-like without bezels.

  • brpbrp USAPosts: 27

    Hope it's not DMV soon.  Hope to check it out at my local retailer and see how the screen looks and how the phone feels.

  • arysynarysyn IllinoisPosts: 1,067

    Tweak the Axon 7 by making it rugged and waterproof.

  • If this won't ship til end of July like in Europe, I might as well just wait for the Note 7 (as much as I hate Samsung, but they're revamping their UI) that is going to have iris reader. The hype is dying down for me with the announcement of Q3 and Q4 phones.

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