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This actually came from one of my past blog posts thought it would be good to mention here.

1. First let's start with CPUZ.

CPU-Z - Android Apps on Google Play

This application will give you real-time info of your device.  It will also let you send debug info including Validation via online source by registering on CPUZ's website.

Just download and open.

***Please note and adhere to NDA's if you are testing a device*****

2. The next log tool and real-time information veiwer is called LTE Discovery.

LTE Discovery - Android Apps on Google Play

This application gives you connectivity information as to which band you are currently connected to and at what dBm's.  It allows to collect connection logs and if you donate pay for the service, it allows automatic resetting of the connection.

****I suggest signing up for Google Surveys as this may help offset some costs***

Download then Open you'll see discovery.  move over to signals and touch LTE Log in upper right hand side.  Then tick the 3 buttons on the right side as well and choose start logging.  Let This run for about 4 to 8 hours to get a good output then follow the previous steps but this time where it states stop logging touch that to stop and then export database.  after this cancel out and navigate to the root folder find LTE Discovery folder and in there will be the CSV file that can be parsed. Send this to support if requested.

3. The next tool I will mention, grabs raw Linux type logs although it may gather a more in-depth collection of logs with root access it still provides a good amount of information and allows you to send the information directly via email.

MX Log Collector - Android Apps on Google Play

Or you may save that output to a file and parse locally.

download and open it will ask if you want to save the file and if you wish to cancel sending via email.  once you hit OK it will start, depending on if you want to email you fill in that information and touch OK.  the application will then start reading and gathering the logs to send, and or save.  Please be patient as the phone will act as if it is overheating due to the data collection and appear frozen.  be sure to use this only in a period of low i/o.

4. Another mention is Antutu Benchmark.

AnTuTu Benchmark - Android Apps on Google Play

If you are testing your devices or having issues it may be a good idea to gather logs and provide to the support person assisting in troubleshooting.

This one as well just download and open.  then choose all the tests you wish to perform.  included will be debuging information. 

***Once again I must mention if you are testing devices please be sure to adhere to NDA's before proceeding.*****

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