Replacement Phones are on Back Order for weeks



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    Exactly. Also the no replacement problem at ZTE has been going on since the A7 came out last summer. You'd think that after almost a year they would have some spare phones in stock for replacements.

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    It doesn't matter where you bought the phone because credit card rules apply to anyone accepting credit cards.  Best Buy is not allowed to sell devices that have false warranties.

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    I read in this thread   that they will have replacements this week.

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    What for?  My phone works perfectly, and does far more than I actually need it for.  Anyway, the next phone for me has to have a 6" screen or better,  6GB RAM  or more, 128GB ROM or more. etc. ... (Maybe the A8?)  The A7 is more than good enough for my daughters, but not quite good enough for me (but it is mighty good.)

    Anyway, my point is that all phone makes are going to eventually get to the out-of-warranty stage where repair is impossible, and the only option is replacement.  The cell phone industry is extremely competitive, especially in infusing new technology.  It just doesn't pay to keep old, obsolete parts available for much more than the warranty period.  The Axon7's 2-yr warranty is the best in the business, all others being only 1-year.  For a very low price the buyer gets an extra year of phone life (Yes, $400 is a low price for what you get.). 

    If your phone outlives the warranty, that is lagniappe (that's French for "extra').  Anyway, what we have here is a delay in the supply line, not (yet) and end to it. 

    As far as a lawsuit -- that is a lot of nonsense.  Equity requires that one mitigate their damages -- and that means either taking that older phone out of your desk, or buying a $25 WalMart phone for temporary use.  And since you could reasonably resell the $25 Walmart phone for $20, that is $5 of damages -- if that. 

  • How many phones are coming in on Friday?

    If you read it closely, the customer waited nearly "ONE MONTH" to get a replacement.

    Is that acceptable? He is at the top of the list today. Do you think everyone else behind him is getting their phones this week too?

    From what customer service told me, "No". Only on Friday will we know if they have a phone for me. They have no idea how many phones are coming in and how many customers are waiting so the only thing they promise is to call on Friday and see if you are one of the lucky ones.

  • The sad thing is, to make due while waiting for my Axon 7 repair from ZTE,  I ordered a returned Axon 7 phone from Amazon on Sunday and it came today. It didn't work either. Luckily Amazon was quick to refund me and I shipped it back. It had the same issue as the poster above. No one could hear me speak.

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    I said If my phone went south ...

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    I have a 6" screen, I size of which I am now addicted -- couldn't go with anything smaller.  Now if ZTE would have come out with an A7+, it might have been a different story.

  • Today I am going to do the same thing, buy a used phone. This time from B&H as they do not charge tax. Let's see if this Axon 7 works. I will know in two days.

  • Sad state of affairs at ZTE!

  • This is how respectable companies should support their customers. Perhaps ZTE could learn one or two things from Amazon!

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    I've been waiting since April.

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    No, my last phone was the Nexus 5 Original version and it just died. All ZTE has to offer are excuses. I called them two weeks ago and they said that "a new device will arrive over the weekend." Then nothing. Then I chatted with someone else a week ago. They said that they had no clue when they got new phones in. Yesterday I cahtted with 'Wanda C.' who first said that no phones were available. The minute after I said that I could not call with my phone anymore ( the whole thing started with the camera going haywire, I have a video in another thread) she said that I will be getting a phone "by the end of the week." But I don't believe her. Someone is not telling the truth to me. Nothing has changed since last summer.

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    It started out as this but it has progressed slowly since then. Up until two days ago I could use data at least to do certain things. Yesterday, data fell out as well. I'm carrying an advanced calculator with me right now.

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    I have great news for many... Replacement devices have started to ship today.

    If you have further questions or would like to check on the status of your device please contact customer service.

    Axon and Unlocked Device Support: 800-617-5065

  • You keep on talking about backup phones, this not the point!

    ZTE is under contractual obligation to serve its customers in a decent and proper manner and in accordance with the acceptable standards of the industry. If we accept such inferior quality of service, it will only get worse. There is no justification whatsoever to ZTE's performance and that isall there is to it.    

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    I've heard this song before. Until something is in my mailbox I don't have any confidence in this statement at this time.

  • Thank you for the news. I just checked with them, my phone hasn't shipped and there is no confirmation that it will ship this week, but there is hope. After all miracles do happen, keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Not only does it have to be in my has to work. I will be livid if I get another defective unit. I'll cross my fingers too.

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    Holy **** on a stick! 5 minutes ago some FedEx dude showed up at my door with a replacement device! I did not anticipate this at all! Now I need to check that everything works as it should.
    Whoever from ZTE is reading this: My confidence with the CS with this company is at an all time low, but, given what just happened you have gained *a bit* more trust. Not much, just a bit. Remember I have been waiting since April.

  • That's great news. Please updates us when you confirm someone on the other end of a call can hear you

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    Nice surprise, I'm hoping everything goes well with it!!

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