From Sci-Fi to Reality

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As we get more and more advanced with our handheld devices as you have seen from my recent posts. The latest with Samsung rumored Note 6 with 8GB RAM. There is a definite movement to having Global Communicators. The days of thinking sci-fi and reality would never get entwined is slowly starting to be less of fantasy and more of a possibility. I am not sure of how many of you all know the science fiction shows Star Trek and Earth's Final Conflict, but in the early part of the smart phone industrial revolution the Motorola Razor that flipped up and turned on to almost mimic a walkie talkie and make calls from is what I compared to as the communicator from Star Trek. just imagine seeing Kapt. James Kirk using the Razor to say beam me up Scotty!

Now in the late 1990's and early 2000's was Earth's Final Conflict's communication device. where you opened a rolling screen to video call and conference. At the time of the show it was more of a holographic type of thing. But as you see from the video just below, it appears we are closer to that reality. The handheld device from the show also could be used for processing and internet browsing IE: A google on demand much like today. With the speculation of manufacturers like SAMSUNG ZTE Corporation OnePlus LG USA Mobile HTC just to name the ones really making strives towards this realization, the possibility of having this kind of communication device is truly at hand. Of course this is just my opinion of how things as I see are continuing to evolve. Only time will tell what will be reality.



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    It's amazing to see companies working hard to bring what we thought it would be impossible to have.

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