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Welcome to Z-Community Beta Lab/ Project

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As a member of Z-Community you are eligible to be selected for upcoming beta projects of our products which are currently in development. This is a year-round process, so new opportunities will always be available.

How It Works

As new products in development become ready for beta testing, we use this web site to offer beta test invitations to users who closely match the type of individuals who would purchase and use those products. If you match these requirements, you will receive an E-mail with instructions as well as a link to apply for that opportunity.

Note that most opportunities will require additional information from you which is specific to those products, and helps us further ensure that you fully meet the requirements of that project. If you still meet the requirements of this project after we have reviewed your additional information, we will send you an E-mail invitation to be a member of the beta test.

Upping Your Odds
There are three ways to improve your chances of being selected for one of our betas.

1. Provide Great Information
We utilize the information you've provided during your sign-up, as well as at any later date via this site to make selections. Therefore the more information you've provided about yourself and the products you own, the greater chance you have of matching our requirements.

2. Act Fast
Beta testing is generally a rapid process accomplished in a very short period. You will improve your odds of being selected if you respond quickly to any initial invitations that have been sent to you. These invitations are only open for a short time, and the data they collect is used in the final selection of all participants.

3. Be a Great Tester
By participating consistently and providing high quality feedback, you greatly increase your chances of being selected for future tests, as previous participation is always factored into tester selection.

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