SIMore Dual SIM Adapter for Axon Pro

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The Axon Pro is an awesome device first off. 
Still there are some limitations on features one being dual SIMs. With that I looked around and found several sites advertising an adapter to allow the dual SIMs. Simore after contacting them to ensure compatibility sent an email stating it was compatible with a link.…/mobile-phone-accessor…/zte/axon-pro/

I ordered it on April 8th and received it from Switzerland on April 18th 2016. 10 day turn around which isn't bad delivery timing. 

OK now to trying it out. At first looks like its an easy installation and that's where the ease ceases. When you take out your sims depending on their size you may need to adapt them so they fit. I tried the micro adapter and only one fits. The other doesn't slide all the way and is left hanging midway. If you follow directions which are provided at the main site it states to place your SIM 1 with the main strip and insert into phone. Problem here is that if you fold the adapter it will not make contact with the phones SIM connection. Also by the look of things it appears that the adapter nano wires will snap.

At this point I stopped since I did not wish to damage my 50 dollar investment and will save it for a different phone. 

Overall although the adapter states it can work, I found it to fail as it is not installable on the Axon Pro. Please be cautious when purchasing items that on paper and presentation are sound but real life application do not. 

I wish to thank you for your time in viewing my quick video and reading the review.

Link to YouTube:


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    Thanks for the heads up Fernando. That is some good info to have especially for those who like to travel or may have two lines of service that are looking to consolidate down to one phone. Hopefully the seller makes the correction so others don't have the same outcome.

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