Six month user experience with the Axon Pro

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Six month user experience with the Axon Pro.

When I first received the phone it came perfectly boxed with full protection so I first thought oh boy this may be a flimsy phone.
To my surprise no it wasn't. I took it out and noticed the JBL headphones, wall charger and USB cable. It gave instructions to charge the phone first before proceeding with adding a SIM and setting up.

Once the phone charged for about 4 hours but was a lot faster than that more like 30 minutes I realized it was a fast charge setup for the battery. This was verified once I read through the documentation provided. I proceeded to add the SIM (Cricket) which is my main SIM. I powered on and the SIM automatically populated APN and quickly showed 4G LTE with full bars. Android 5.1.1 was fully installed and very stable. It is stock and no bloatware from a carrier as it is unlocked. It did have two apps that I disabled as I considered it bloatware and for fitness enthusiasts. It has a Z card feature that gives you the ability to access certain apps even locked which I thought was unnecessary. I disabled it.

Now to the meat and potatoes of the phone. In my hand it feels great and fits how I access it. I did change the recent apps and clear buttons to the opposite configuration as it works better for me and I had gotten used to it from my former phone the Ulefone BePro.
Screen is clear and bright, even though I went ahead and set it to adaptive. 4 GB RAM does make a difference as everything was smooth to access and fast to launch. While setting up my accounts i noticed that the phone overheats. ***All robust phones have this issue even the well known brands we are used to in the US, methods to resolve the overheat is to stop using it and use apps like CoolerMaster to assist in cooling***

Speaker is audible and very clear even at high volume, some distortion but not very noticeable. Using the headphones it gives you the ability to listen to music or to use as a headset extension. i haven't had to use this feature so I have not verified if this is truly a capability. i read this on the forum a few months ago. Needless to say the audio output is great and clear with full sound.

Rear camera is a double with 13MP main and 2MP for depth. Combined this camera takes awesome pictures. Zooming in can become grainy but still fairly clear. What I have done is set the camera to take photos about zoom x2 and has worked very well for clarity. Video it takes full HD and is great you can almost film a movie with it because of how well it captures video. Just my opinion but definitely great for you tubers. Selfie camera is 8MP and it does very well it is as expected. Built in camera app does the job perfectly.

**Side Mention, i also tested this phone with TING SIM and it also populated correctly APN and service was quick to set up, Cricket is AT&T and TING GSM SIM is T-Mobile.**

The main turn off for me on this phone is that the storage is not expandable and is only 32 GB minus the space used for the ROM. No finger Print Scanner or bio-metric eye unlock unlike its upgrade and European counterpart the **Axon Elite but that one only has 3GB RAM and does not have 4G LTE capabilities in the US. ***

**It is currently running Android 6.0 with a recent OTA and it was applied without issue. There are a few quirks as every version has some and they have been reported.**

Real plus is the passport feature 2.0 which entails upgrades for two years and limited replacement for damage. I do recommend this phone for the more savvy user but is perfect for the novice and someone transitioning from a different OS to Android. Now with Marshmallow it makes it perfect.

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