Review of App called Log Dog on Axon Pro

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As Advertised it does do what it claims.

"LogDog gives you free protection from hackers and identity theft.

You’ll get alerts any time suspicious activity occurs in your Gmail, Facebook and other accounts."

I stumbled upon it by accident and have been running it to protect my Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Dropbox accounts.  in the near future is will be protecting your Linkedin and Instagram accounts as well. 

For the first few weeks of using this app, i was thinking it was just another app that promises something and delivers nothing.  I was at work when I received my first notification that someone was on my account for Facebook out of Florida.  How in the hell can I be logged in from there?  I'm in Texas!  Well the app gives you statistics as to IP, location and and ISP used to log in to your account.

****Noted that i had given permission to Disqus, and some of the contest apps permission to post on Facebook and Twitter for me and this app will alert for those.*****

Still the ones I did not know about were interesting.  I noticed and received alerts for Google, Twitter as I mentioned previously,  Yahoo and Dropbox.  All which were accessed from different parts of the world and the US.  Dropbox who want to access that? right?

Awesome thing about the app is it gives you the opportunity to fix this on the fly by prompting for you to change the password to the account and re-etering it on the app to monitor again.

I have had to do this a couple of times now and have thwarted some pretty persistent and pesky irritants.

I do recommend it at least to check out which IP from which ISP and location your accounts are being accessed from.

The only frustrating issue I have is that it will alert you to your own logins from different devices.  i have two phones with the same apps so it alerts me all the time that there are simultaneous logins and tends to bug you with a big red label to investigate and fix it.  Still this is not really a bad thing.

Well this is just my opinion and i'd like to thank you for watching and reading this review.

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