My view regarding updating Android versions

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I commented on the G+ Forums in regards to issues with updating Android versions. 

This is only my opinion and experience.

I have noticed some devices when updated to the latest ‎Android version lose a feature and at times gain a bug. From my experience going back to the ‪‎My Touch 4G with ‪‎Ice Cream Sandwhich‬ when it updated to ‪#‎Gingerbread‬ it lost the all in one feature from native Android contacts having the ability to assign ringtones, notifications, breathable Led lights and wallpaper to individualize who was calling or texting you. When I finally upgraded to ‪LG L70‬ on early ‪‎Kit Kat4‬.0 when it updated to later #KitKat4.2.0 it lost its zing and some wonkiness occurred with the ‪SDCard and OS, it ran ‪‎laggy‬ and ‎overheating‬ like crazy. I then upgraded to Ulefone Be Pro which was advertised as ‪#‎Android5‬.0 ‪#‎Lollipop‬ but when I got it, it was KitKat4.4.4 which ran perfect with all features like Hot Knox and ‪‎Mira Vision. When ‪Lolipop‬ was rolled out we lost both those features as well as ‪hifi-sound‬ and camera quality. I since reverted that phone back to Kit Kat 4.4.4 and have all the features back. Which brings me to ‪Axon Pro‬, ‪‎Lollipop 5‬.1.1 was solid and the upgrade to Marshmallow 6.0.1 made it, for some like myself better, but for others their experiences vary and quirks have been reported. The main thing we have to keep in mind, is that no Android version is without its difficulties, we just have to either accept an upgrade may have quirks and adapt or not upgrade.

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  • Updates in operating systems has always been a trade-off, bugs for features. Luckily for me, I am one of those that doesn't mind wading through system files and reading through forums to fix things i dont like in the updates. But I know everyone isn't quite comfortable with that.

    My problem with Androids in general when it comes to OS updates is the "throw away" mentality OEMs have put into the minds of customers by NOT updating most of their phones. Android phones seem to have an 8-12 month lifespan when it comes to OS updates meanwhile Apple tries to keep updating their older hardware for at least 3 years. This to me is a big flaw in Android.

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