You've heard about it, "Robin"

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   Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked Phone - Midnight (U.S. Warranty)  

Yeah, I have been trying to keep things on ZTE and our favorite products, but I feel there needs to be a mention for the trends that are happening in our world of smartphones.  We tend to gravitate to the next best thing and so on and so forth we go.

I realized there has been some discussions regarding unlocked boot-loaders in our forums regarding what features we would like in our next ZTE's.

Although the the Robin is not that spectacular in regards to hardware at least for the fan-people like us, but the claim of an unlocked boot-loader is intriguing.

Here is some further information:

About the Product

  • 32 GB Onboard storage merged with 100 GB online storage, so you always have the space you need. Robin seamlessly backs up your apps and photos, intelligently archives the stuff you're not using, and easily restores items when you need them.
  • 5.2" 1080p LCD with Gorilla glass 4
  • 13 MP rear Camera with phase detection Auto-focus and Dual tone flash
  • Dual Front facing speakers with Dual amplifiers
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 - HSPA (3G) 850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100 - LTE bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/28

It's claimed to be "the first Android phone that makes running out of space history. With the cloud integrated into Android OS, your on-board storage is merged with the cloud."

Months before you ever run out of storage, Robin anticipates you’ll need more space and continually syncs your apps and photos.


When space is needed, Robin archives the things you use least, so you always have space for what you want most.


In just one click, any app restores just where you left off. The same is true for every photo you’ve ever taken.

From the reviews, it seems that there is a good amount of positive feedback with the product a few that were not so positive but reflect a more aesthetic issue than use.

the other thing I have noticed is that there is a very limited attempt to load a new ROM although there is an unlocked boot-loader.  Not this aspect makes its claim very peculiar.

Like always, let me know your thoughts, reservations and experiences.


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