CEO of OnePlus has Finally Spoken

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Hype continues with the anticipated The OnePlus 3. It was rumored to launch on May 18th, that deadline was missed completely. OnePlus hasn’t been too forthcoming about this device, not like them to be this hush hush. That hasn’t stopped the views of its HTC-like design in leaked renders. There has finally been talk about the device, was the talk about putting Samsung and LG into number 2 and 3 position respectively?  Not really,  The CEO of OnePlus stated "it feels good to hold."

Man of few words as obvious as when it rains the trees will get watered.

OnePlus gets ridiculed a great deal, but it’s actually good that the CEO is being so modest this time around.

Hype has brought disappointment. Specs of this phone include:

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There soon will be more about the device.

Edit: New Rumor is The OnePlus 3 will be unveiled on June 14

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Update 06/01/2016

Buy the OnePlus 3, at launch and without an invite

The OnePlus 3 will be available for purchase, from day one, without an invite. The company is even ditching the invite system for all future OnePlus products.

The biggest complaints users have had about OnePlus products in the past is that they’ve been too difficult to purchase.  If they had an invite, which were insanely difficult to get a hold of, was the only method to purchase the OnePlus. The company had their reasons for the invite system as it was a good method to control inventory. OnePlus is bigger now, and they can afford to produce many more units than they could in the past.

The OnePlus 3 will be officially unveiled, in virtual reality, on Tuesday, June 14. During the first two hours of the launch event, the OnePlus 3 will be available for purchase in the Loop VR experience.

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