Which Android manufacturer is your favorite?

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Article as posted by Android Authority and writer Edgar Cervantes

Samsung led 2016’s Q1 smartphone shipments with a 24.5% market share. Of course, Apple was second with 15.3%. These smartphone giants seem to be unbeatable, but it’s also true there is a plethora of other options out there, especially in the Android universe.

Competition is insanely fierce in the mobile market, especially now that specs are not the be-all and end-all in the race to the top. Each manufacturer tries to differentiate itself in special ways. Some have found their niche markets, while others may not be doing as well.

Which OEM deserves your respect? And most importantly, we all have to wonder which one deserves our hard-earned cash. Do you have a favorite manufacturer? Let’s go through them and see which one fits your style better.



While Samsung is the king of mobile devices, no ruler is completely immune to competition. Things were looking bad for the manufacturer after years of sticking to cheap materials and an intrusive TouchWiz experience. Both issues have been improved by now, which could be the reason why the company is back on the rise (according to Q1 2016 earnings reports).

The Samsung flagship handsets, like the Galaxy S7, are now made with premium materials like metal and glass. It is truly a beauty to hold and look at. Camera technology continues to be among the best and performance is as outstanding as always.


Things are only looking up for Samsung fans. Seriously, if there was ever a good time to side with Sammy, it is now. The Galaxy S7 series is going strong, and things will only get better as the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 approaches its announcement.






motorola logo mwc 2015 1








oneplus 2 review aa (4 of 38)


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ZTE is another brand that tends to be connected to affordable handsets in the prepaid section of the store, but this doesn’t mean they can’t make some great handsets. The ZTE Axon and Axon Mini are stunning smartphones.

They are also good at diversifying their portfolio. In fact, on of our favorite ZTE products is the SPRO 2, an Android-powered projector that needs no source, as it has a full mobile OS and a screen on board.

This is one of the few Chinese smartphone manufacturers to have a significant presence in America (and the rest of the world, really). ZTE is definitely here to stay, and the last few years they have done wonders to their design and build quality. In fact, they have their eyes set on the #3 spot in the USA. That is an ambitious goal – will they reach it?


Xiaomi MiPad 2 xiaomi logo aa


Midrange smartphones 2015-13

Google recently announced there were over 600 Android devices released in the past year. You can bet there are plenty of other great smartphone manufacturers out there, among them are ASUS, OPPO, Pantech, Kyocera and others. Maybe you happen to be a fan of one of these smaller players? I am pretty fond of ASUS, myself.

Which Android manufacturer is your favorite?

Time for the moment of truth. Which is your personal favorite manufacturer? Cast your vote below and hit the comments to tell us why you chose your specific manufacturer.

As of the time I voted it seems that ZTE is at 1% of the favorite manufacturers.


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    Hard to come up with a favorite, since it is difficult to find a company that consistently makes devices that are easy to root, and install 3rd party ROMs, while not having weird limitations such as no microSD card slot.

    In terms of software, I like the Nexus devices, as they are often well supported by the open source community, but it seems that google is having trouble finding a manufacturer/ company that can figure out how to install a microSD card slot into a phone, as well as make a device where 90% of the development and engineering time was not put into making it as hard as possible to safely change the battery.

    ZTE tends to give some of the best hardware for the money, but it is rare to find 3rd party firmware, or even guides to enable root access.

    LG is good with offering expandable storage, and user replaceable batteries, but open source community support is inconsistent, and they do not offer the best hardware for the money (value).


    To get something that I can consistently consider to be a favorite, it would have to have a functional design by LG (to ensure a user replaceable battery, and Micro SD card slot, hardware (BOM, and manufacturing, and pricing) handled by ZTE, and software handled by Google, similar to the Nexus devices.

    This would create a high end and high quality smartphone, with user replaceable battery, and microSD card slot, that can be easily rooted and have 3rd party ROMs installed, all at a relatively low price point.

    Other than that, I do not focus too much on the super expensive ~$800 smartphones, as that is too expensive, especially for a device with a shorter upgrade cycle. When spending that kind of money, It would have to go into a new PC build that will last for many years.

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    Right on here.  The paragraph of combining the best of all the manufacturers... that would be ideal.  user replacable battery, Micro SD, and ability to root / custom firmware.  Those are my big 3 as well. 

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    I don't know why I am saying this, but Sony is my fav manufacturer.

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    Umm  :-/

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