Shaming slow Android updaters

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In the same spirit as leaving vague Post-It notes next to that growing stack papers, Google may adopt a new incentive to ‘motivate’ manufacturers and affiliates to participate in keeping current Android. The biggest search engine has reportedly elected in creating a ranking system to publicly call out manufacturers and carriers who are reluctant to spin out updates to current Android devices. The same system seeks to reward fast adopters by making the fruits of their efforts public knowledge.


Implementation of such methods may not be the way to create a stable flatmate ecosystem, yet it might be effective in helping to stabilize the continuing fragmenting Android ecosystem. Challenges to face is keeping their mobile OS secure, even if Google has the tools to address these challenges. Actual implementation in the form of patches, fixes, and updates is largely out of their hands. Since Android runs on such a diverse array of devices, making sure that security updates roll out to them largely falls carriers and manufacturers.


“It’s not an ideal situation.” As quoted from Android’s Hiroshi Lockheimer. Referring to the process of rolling out updates as “the weakest link on security on Android.” Taking matters into their own hands as much as they can by putting heavy pressure on slow updaters is what Google is attempting.

Google isn’t the only entity unhappy with carriers and manufacturers. Earlier this year, the FCC and FTC launched a formal inquiry to determine why these updates were taking so long. Submission of documentation by Carriers and manufacturers are describing the process of rolling out updates in detail to justify the delays as best as they can.

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What are your thoughts regarding Google’s new campaign to belittle and force partners to make updates roll out more quickly? Have you experienced frustration with update delays yourself?


  • Making it a grading system would put a competitive incentive for makers.

    The market always helps to get things done. If I know that I can get reliable and consistent upgrades then I'm going to stay with that brand.

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    Cool share.  I think this is an option for Google that would create more public visibility.  I feel like it is a little bit of a cop out by Google by blaming instead of working with manufacturers.  The Android update model has to be dramatically changed.

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    Lol would be awesome to see who is actually slowest on updating Android

  • luis.v18luis.v18 Dallas,TxPosts: 41

    I agree with ddrake. Not sure how much google has done to try to work with the other manufacturers but if this is what it takes then I'm all for it!

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    Even though it would be great if they all put it out at the same time, but i'd rather have my manufacturer take a bit more time and do it right without as many quirks or awkward problems.

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    I feel like it's torture when a brand says they are going to update their phones, or a particular one,
    and then the end users are waiting forever, and release dates come and go, and the update takes months longer than they said it would, and in some cases never comes at all.
    I know how beta works and that sometimes things happen and it takes longer,
    but most of the time these OEMs are over promising everything to get people to buy or keep them hanging on.

    It's a difficult thing to deal with, both as an industry and a customer.

    Great blog post btw . Very well done.

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    Thank You Working on writing great articles that are relevant to us here in the community. 

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    I wanted to add a video that delves into this issue pretty well.


    Link takes you to 23:37 into the video.

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    This is the only why iOS is superior than Android (updates)

  • fzrrichfzrrich United StatesPosts: 4,257 mod

    I think somewhat of a rating system would be great. I'm sure after a short while the speed of the updates would increase significantly in a timely fashion.

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    As I mentioned in this blog there is shaming.  It has since begun.
    Take a look at this article.

    Let me know your thoughts. 

    Bad companies not updating for security patches. 

  • But as long as they have a market they won't care. Problem is buyer isn't aware of slow updates until after purchase. Looks like a long road toward change.

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    Very true.  As with anything there will be growing pains. 

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