OnePlus Lab, A Community Review Program For The OnePlus 3

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Yes, you guessed it another competitor mimicking our efforts here in the ZTE community. 

OK to be honest I am not sure who was first, but this is a great idea as the more input form real users is tallied and submitted, the better the releases of Android.  At least one would assume.  For ZTE and from my experience with the Axon Pro this does seem to be the thinking.

Still this is a summation of what one competitor utilizes to entice testers.

It's a community review program for the OnePlus 3, which will be announced in a few weeks time. it's being named a "peer review."  It's not like you submit bugs and they fix though.  OnePlus basis is to create buzz and reviews from their real  users.

The Lab is accepting sign-ups for a few days, and of course there's no guarantee of acceptance. OnePlus says it will review applications and choose 30 people from around the world to be part of the program. They will use the phone and submit a "review" to OnePlus. There's a 500-word essay section of the application where you must explain why you should be chosen, so you have to put forth at least some effort. Whatever comes of the review will be published in some form, at least this is the implication.

I'm thinking this is about PR and marketing. After all, the phone is probably going to come out in a few weeks and it's regulatory certification has passed in a few countries already. So basically it is ready to go. Although the feedback that the company recieves from the community on the OnePlus 3 will probably not affect change on the phone  it may provide a real look and use of the device instead of just a hyped view.



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