ZTE Grand X Max+ review – a $220 phone with a punch

arsalan_qarsalan_q RiyadhPosts: 31

I will walk away from this review knowing that today, more than ever, good technology doesn’t have to cost a fortune. ZTE did a great job with the Grand X Max+, especially considering it costs $219.99 with activation (off-contract). Sure, it’s not the powerhouse every hard-core geek dreams of, but at this price I would say it’s about the best you can get.

There is really not much to dislike from the ZTE Grand X Max+. Compare it to its direct competitors and you will find it beats at least most of them. The screen is great (even if I would like a slight bump in resolution), performance is more than fair and the phone happens to feel/look great. Not to mention, that killer battery life is insane, and 4G LTE data speeds come in very handy

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