The need for advanced accessible devices

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Hello. My name is Kurt. I'm a new member to the Z-Community, though I've been very active here since I've joined, as I'm very grateful to be a part of such a great community. I'm interested in a wide variety of wireless technology-related topics, though the one which is most important to me which I hope to discuss about widely here around the Z-community, is the importance of accessibility for people with disabilities using these highly technological devices. Also, I hope to help inspire the development of advanced technology beneficial to the well-being of people with a wide variety of health-related issues.

I support ZTE in their operations of growth within their company to new emerging markets and I encourage ZTE to investigate methods of adapting their devices to work well for people with disabilities in ways competing companies often overlook. As a company looking to enlighten and empower its customer base through its revolutionary products, ZTE has the ability to connect to people who would benefit from such technologies that reaches beyond the scope of ordinary capability. As ZTE continues to develop high-end products among the wide spectrum of their product portfolio, ZTE can utilize developmental research to create such products that are vital to the vibrancy of those in need.

This developmental research can include, though not limited to, the investigation of wireless devices that protect the safety of people in wheelchairs, help to navigate wheelchairs around various terrain, monitor the progress of healing, assist in proper prescription usage, among many other very useful technologies that help increase a person's quality-of-life. I am encouraged to help ZTE navigate through the options available in helping people inflicted by health conditions and assist in developing these very important technologies. I would be honored to be given the opportunity to do so. In the meantime, I remain thankful to be here among a community so devoted to technological advancement.

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