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nubia - Fast, fun, and user-friendly - the improved... | Facebook

Fast, fun, and user-friendly - the improved ‪#‎NeoVision‬ 5.8 system offers a wide range of adjustable settings and new functions in an intuitive interface. Your photos, your way. ‪#‎nubia‬

Directly quoted from Nubia's Facebook page.

Looks very interesting especially to those of us who take a good amount of pictures and selfies.

Let me know your thoughts.

I personally like this especially if it does work as it should.  I wonder of the app will be only available on the Nubia phones or if ZTE will separate it and allow for download for their other compatible devices?


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    No time for me to check it out right now, but to comment against the app being available for other devices...

    This is yet another thing that would make ZTE stand out from the pack of other OEMs by offering their apps up as a standalone app to be used on any device. It goes a long way with the Android community to build trust and brand name.
    Some thing goes for unlocking the bootloader and other various sundries.

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    I really love the look of the camera UI, it seems very simple to use and very functional. The video also mentions shooting in raw which I'm sure many of our photography enthusiasts here will love. My wife says shooting in raw really is a big deal as well as manual mode....I just point and click and enjoy a phone with a very good auto setting that just takes a nice pic.

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