OnePlus 3 gets improved memory management thanks to root access, and bild.prop edit

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How to Fix the OnePlus 3's Memory Management Issues

As with a number of new phones with lots of RAM, people have been noticing that background apps still randomly close very quickly, even with ample amount of free RAM, and the OnePlus 3 is no exception. With the memory settings not being tweaked to take into account the additional RAM, users were finding that the 6GB of RAM was not really being put to good use (as in it never used all of the 6GB). This is where the build.prop edit comes in. Users have found that by making one simple change of increasing the ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit=20 value to 42, they were able to have more apps open in the background, and not automatically close.


I am sure many people find it annoying, e.g., you are typing up an email, or replying to a forum post using chrome, and to reference something, you switch to gmail, gallery, and a few other locations, only to find that the device unloaded chrome.

Issues with memory management even strike large device makers such as Samsung. With memory management being a rather low priority for some makers, this raises the question of how many phone makers are paying special attention to the amount of RAM installed on their phones, and optimizing the android install to take proper advantage of it, and how many are simply using the default build prop, and having the device behave as if it only has 2GB of RAM?

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