Weekly Roundup [June 24, 2016]

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Welcome to our weekly roundup on Z-Community! Here are this week's highlights:

Top Ten Topics

Android Tips - Contest is Now Live!

As mentioned in last week's weekly roundup, one of our core missions is to raise the "Mobile IQ" of Z-Community. This includes sharing tips and tricks that bring incremental value to our daily lives, from helping us take better action photos to optimizing for longer battery life. With the latest contest now launched, we encourage you to submit the most valuable Android Tips that you cannot live without. Besides the prizes and Community Technical Ambassador selection opportunities, we truly believe there is a lot more you can gain from this contest - participate now!

Healthy Debates

If you've followed Z-Community closely this week, you may have witnessed a few heated debates about content moderation and censorship. While we always love a healthy debate, we must restate that the core purpose for Z-Community is to share in each other's passion for mobile and technology, and to help shape the product roadmap for future ZTE devices that we can all benefit from.

Now granted, a healthy community can certainly spurn friendships, and we're all for that and truly enjoy the bonds that we're developing, but we also need to be mindful that this is not the forum to discuss matters that make others uncomfortable - e.g., religion, politics, racial matters, illegal immigration, abortion, etc. Admittedly, discerning which topics are "uncomfortable" requires sound judgment - it is certainly not black and white. However, we trust in your individual ability to reason, and trust in the community's collective common sense to surface matters that need to be addressed. So please be assured that we are primarily here to geek out on mobile and have the same standards for everyone in Z-Community. We love the engagement and interactions thus far, and have many more exciting plans ahead to engage as a fun and productive community - both online and offline. More details coming soon!


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