Weekly Roundup [July 8, 2016]

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Welcome to our weekly roundup on Z-Community! Here are this week's highlights:

Top Ten Topics

Enforcing Community Guidelines

This past week, we made an important addition to our community guidelines, introducing a new 3-strike policy. While it's true that we reserve the right to deactivate accounts at any time, we felt that a 3-strike policy would be easier to understand and relate to: strike 1 being a warning, strike 2 resulting in a one-week suspension, and strike 3 leading to permanent account closure. Despite the serious effects of this policy, we assure everyone that our intention is to continue allowing discussions to occur organically, while protecting our community with content that does not belong on Z-Community.

As you may have witnessed firsthand, we welcome and appreciate healthy debates. However, we will and must moderate when matters get out of hand. This includes false accusations about anyone that are not based on facts, such as those laid out in a controversial thread this Wednesday. In response to numerous 'topic abuse reports' triggered by fellow members that evening, the moderation team responded quickly to gather and provide known facts. After careful review and deliberation, we suspended the account associated with the abuse. The ultimate decision to suspend the account was not an easy one, but we all agreed it was necessary given the context and backdrop of this member's recent interactions with fellow members and the moderation team.

That said, we continue to encourage lively discussions and debates, even complaints about photoshopped marketing images and product delays. Regarding the latter, everyone on the moderation team has not slept well for the past month, so we feel and understand your frustration. However, let's do our best to steer conversations in a productive manner that benefits the rest of the community. And lastly, if you have any questions or concerns about Z-Community at any time, you can always reach us at [email protected].

Join us for our first Z-Community Webinar!

We are excited to launch our very first webinar next Wednesday, July 13th, at 8pm EDT. This will mark the 1.5-month anniversary of Z-Community (who's counting?!), where we share many more details about our community vision, goals, and aspirations. Furthermore, we have a special guest joining us - Jeff Yee, VP of Technology - who will be discussing everything you want and need to know about the Axon 7. The link for the webinar (which includes VOIP) and optional dial-in number will be provided early next week. We look forward to speaking with you next Wednesday!

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