Hauwei 7P (Rumor and Speculation)

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Google Nexus 6P has been regarded as one of the best smartphones of today. Even in the presence of revered biased and standard new handsets like Samsung's Galaxy S7, the phone is a great credit to its maker Huawei.

Huawei's rise to prominence displays no sluggish points or stagnation, though it was reported that it doesn't look like the firm will be recommissioned by Google for another Nexus this year, which now we know it will.  Nexus 6P fans may still get an upgrade however, as Huawei has just trademarked the 'Huawei 7P' moniker.

Although It's not unusual for trademarks to be registered and inventions patented, only to amount to nothing, the Nexus 6P is still sought after, and would be that of shortsightedness if Huawei chose to not press ahead with an upgrade type of the series.


Given the various attributes of the Google Nexus 6P, it's probable that any Huawei 7P would be equally well-equipped. As such, a top-tier processor and 4+ gigs of RAM would be expected, along with a quad-HD display measuring within phablet territory.

it would be cool though to see a secondary, smaller configuration of this probably-not-gonna-happen-fantasy-device like The Nexus 5X.  which certainly lacks in its attributes, yet not everybody wants a phablet. Should there be an upgrade on the 6P? 

Please share your thoughts.

No renders or leaks as of yet.



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    I might buy if it comes out before the Axon 7 only way I buy it.

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