Social media can get you fired.

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In light of the phenomena that is Pokemon Go there are some negative aspects surfacing regarding the game. 

First the accidental find of a deceased person.  Well actually that is a good thing for the family of the deceased but a shock and recurring nightmare for the one who found the body.

Then there is this person:

Ttizzy to say the least, with one guy reportedly having just lost his job following an online rant about how he couldn’t get his hands on the new smartphone game.

In Singapore – where Pokémon Go isn’t yet available – from Australia, where it is.

Obviously frustrated from not being able to play AR game this person decided to jump on Facebook to express his anger.

“You can’t effing catch Pokemon in this piece of effing excrement country,” Truyen blasted, apparently oblivious to the fact that its lack of availability is due to the makers of the game than the country he is currently in.

The hit game, which uses AR to let players move through the real world to capture Pokémon, launched in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand on July 6. The planned global rollout was halted at the end of last week following massive download demand. Yes, the game is already huge, and is reportedly about to overtake Twitter in daily active users on Android


With all the hype surrounding the new release, the frustrated man was throwing a fit when he realized he couldn’t get hold of it in Singapore.

Offended by the Aussie’s colorful description of her country, a Singporean Facebook user hit back, with the pair entering into a heated exchange.

Other locals upset by the outburst were quickly following, tracking down his place of work – a map-based real estate portal in Singapore – alerting the firm via it's Facebook page to make their feelings known.

In damage control mode to avoid having its own reputation bismirched, the firm’s CEO fired the worker for his “rude behavior on a Facebook thread.” In a post on the company’s site, the boss apologized for the “reckless act of insult by one individual,” and urged all sides to refrain from “propagating messages of hate and division.” All this because of Pokémon Go.

Meanwhile,the fired individual has apologized for his behavior, stating that it was “a very big error of judgment to negatively label an entire country over Pokémon.”

At this time, Pokémon Go still isn’t available in Singapore.

Pokémon Go is a no go in Singapore for now, but here's how you can play it today | Coconuts Singapore

***Identifiable information has been omitted to protect an already bad situation.***



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