Exclusive Look At The AXON 7 Via Periscope

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Join @ZTE_USA on Periscope while VP Andrew Elliott answers questions and reveals

details about the Axon 7

Today at 3:30PM CST


Link below

Axon Phone on Twitter: "Join us on #periscope as @ZTE_USA VP @nandrewelliott answers questions & reveals details about t…


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    I might have to watch the replay because I'm at work, but I'm looking forward to it!

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    The Periscope is live!

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    Answers to user questions:

    Max 128GB on SD Card

    Gray version available 8/16

    Verizon and Sprint are a no go for now

    Buttons are verified capacitive, never stated if you could switch between the two

    Bootloader unlockable?  UGH!  He punted the answer to tonight's meeting!

    Passport 2.0 is verified

    Pre-Order is available in Canada, through newegg.ca

    Had to leave before it ended.  Sorry that's all I could provide.

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