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    While I concede that you can, in theory, damage the phone's components using custom settings that push the hardware, how often does that really happen?  I was under the impression that Qualcomm SoCs and many (if not all) mainboards have hardware that provide physical power-down if a certain thermal limit is reached.  This is done not just to protect components like the CPU, but (perhaps more importantly) protect the battery from becoming overheated.

    I guess you could push the LED flash past the output it was designed for or somehow push too much power to the speakers, but really, how often does that happen?  I've never seen it (though I certainly don't hang out in every forum on XDA).

    It certainly won't happen more than someone dropping their phone and shattering the screen...which ​is​ covered under warranty.

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    I'm not trying to turn this into anything, I'm just being logical. Since ZTE USA is for the US only, ZTE USA doesn't have the authority to do anything on behalf of the EU.

  • Didn't read your whole post, but you are right. Overclocking on a phone is not like overclocking on a PC. You can't raise CPU voltage (from what I know), so you cannot instantly kill the chip. Raising the frequency would just reboot the phone, so no harm done. Other than bricking the device, there is no other hardware malfunction you can do to the chips themselves.

    You can also distort/crap speakers with a normal equalizer, just push it till it starts distorting and leave it playing for some time. It will shorten their life very fast.

    Dunno about the flash thing, but hey just for statistics sake, let's say this is a possible outcome. But then again, it won't happen all that often, if at all.

  • So what you're trying to say is, people have been wanting a bootloader unlock JUST for the US this whole time? What an egoistic thing to do....see?

    I'm done with this conversation.

    P.S. sorry, nothing against you, I'm really on steam because of the fact.

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    I'm not doing anything until ZTE releases the factory images and the entire source code (not just the kernel). If unlocking the bootloader is going to void the the warranty, I need something to revert back to in case I brick the phone.

  • I thot marshmallow changed it where the bl had to be unlocked to root?

  • same. I'm gonna hold off on re-preordering now.

  • Up in the OP where it says developers lounge.

  • Someone on reddit just posted this and it sums it up perfectly on how the warranty makes no sense. "The passport 2.0 program covers just about everything. I can throw it in the pool, I can drop it from 10 stories up, all I have to pay is a $79 deductible. Unlocking a bootloader and running Greenify and some xposed modules now suddenly voids it?" Seems like a copout to me.

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    Thank you, ZTE! You just may be winning a long term fan here!
    I expected the warranty news, but still a bit disappointed, because, if the microphone on my phone dies (as one did on my stock software Note 3), it would not be likely to have anything to do with the software. However, it's a start, and I am glad you've listened to the community thus far!

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    Here the exact words from aerospaceman in another thread: "Here is all I know.  We have no control over ZTE in the EU.  They are a separate division from us.  I know that we have contacted them to try to get some information to help EU users out here.  They are in control of your builds and updates and when you will receive them.  As soon as we hear any information from them it will be posted to this community.  I wish I had better news for you."

    Do I sound egotistical now?

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    Yes it is fair to say that this forum is part of ZTEUSA and it is for "our" phone not yours.  I (a US resident) would not go on a Toyota of Saudia Arabia website and complain that the Prado Land Cruiser is not available in the US, or that the 200 series Land Cruiser is not available with a diesel drivetrain in the US.  It is not a matter of trying to be mean toward you, it is just a fact.  This is the ZTEUSA corporate site, they are communicating with their customers (US and maybe Canada).  They don't prevent you from being on the forum, but you are not their focus and they probably can not push an update to europe or unlock your bootloader (Toyota of Saudi Arabia can't sell me a Prado either).  You need to contact the company that serves you, or their corporate parent if you are unhappy with your phone/service.

  • firetruck41firetruck41 Camas, WAPosts: 29

    Predictable that those whining about no bootloader would also whine about having a bootloader...

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    I tend to agree, but there are lots of people who can't follow direction on flashing, or flash to the wrong model, or do it their own way because they think they are smarter and end up trashing a device. Then they just break the screen or something and claim warranty work. The amount of warranty and insurance fraud you can read about on places like XDA and social media is staggering.

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    You're making stuff up. He never said that. He was trying to say that only zte USA has announced it, they can't do anything about the EU version. On top of that, this is a zte USA forum so zte EU stuff doesn't belong here.

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    OK Petershih

    Your listening to us.. and that's awesome and appreciated.

    Now.. please give us a few more particulars  the particulars on how to do this, and clarification on the warranty questions about the hardware since there is nothing about either  at the link you provided at this time.


  • Excuse me, but is the company that serves me NOT ZTE? And what about the same phone that both you and me are are buying, the same freaking phone? I'm not complaining about the Passport 2.0, which I also don't receive. I'm complaining about something that shouldn't cost them nothing more, so why do you feel that offended? Kind of reminds me of that patriot act from Mturk, just make a f*cked up fancy reason and there you go, you can separate people easily.

  • I'll spell it out for you as well. There is ONLY THIS community here. Where else do you suggest I can get direct support for such a common case? Call the ZTE EU? Do you think they have any idea about any of those stuff?

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    Probably need some clarification on what exactly voiding the warranty means. Does this just void replacements due to software modifications (which makes sense)? Or does this also void replacements due to physical damage (which actually makes no sense)?

    Love the phone and will probably unlock it (my least favorite thing is the software and I'm seriously worried about software updates). But the Passport 2.0 was a big selling point. This feels like a cop out

  • Yeah thanks, saw that one as well. At least he was honest about it, and even followed up the question to the other divisions, which is another way of solving it. Like I said, I didn't want to make it sound mean, but you have to understand this is very frustrating.

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    I agree.

    I wish they would have waited till the end of the week  on the announcement to have everything in place for doing this, but do appreciate them getting the ball rolling on it.

    Plus I  don't believe that unlocking the bootloader will void a hardware related issue unless it  can be shown that it was a result of doing so. I do believe that all of the oem's that allow this say the same thing.

    We will see how fast the source code is given then decide what path to take because without it it's pretty useless

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    ​ Good Morning, I can definitely understand you concerns, and also your frustration with your only resource being a US based site.There are a lot of amazing members, and information here, and everyone is welcome. It isn't so much of an 'ours, not yours" kind of thing, as it is that this site is ran here in the US, intending to support ZTE products sold here in the US. This is a new community,  we have members from all over the globe, all are welcome.  I agree it would be great if there was a community for every region

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    Thanks ZTE for giving us a choice, you are truely a Customers Company.

    Everyone please keep in mind that when you unlock a bootloader on most phone manufactures warranty.....   The only company that  this will not void your warranty (that I know of) is OnePlus   (After-sales - Will rooting or unlocking the bootloader void my warranty? - OnePlus.net)

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    Yes, ZTE serves you. ZTEUSA does not serve you.  Just as in my previous example Global Toyota would serve me, but Toyota of Saudi Arabia would not serve me.  If Toyota USA does not choose to have a website or forum to serve me, that would not be Toyota of Saudia Arabia's problem.  So, yes, you should call ZTE EU if you are intent on lodging a complaint with the company that serves you, or contact their parent company, ZTE (not ZTE USA).  Not sure where you get the idea I am offended, but I am not.  I am merely pointing out the way the world works, as you don't seem to have a solid understanding in this case.

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    It's standard for the oem's to say this for those who allow it.. It's not a cop out just yet.

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    Your not r going to void the warranty on a Nexus, HTC or Sony on any hardware issue after rooting unlocking the bootloader.

    There are thousands of post all over the Web on this..

    99.9% of the time hardware issues are covered and I expect no difference with ZTE on this.. 

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    This is terrific news. I think the compromise with the warranty is fair: it respects the freedom of the customer/owner, but it also allows ZTE to keep offering the best warranty in the industry without being swamped with claims from phones that were bricked by people who didn't know what they were doing.

  • Google also allow unlocked bootloader on Nexus devices.  You have to keep in mind that Axon series is in direct competition with OP3 and nexus.  Before today, when you compare to OP3 or Nexus it was like:


    Passport 2.0


    locked bootloader. 

    The announcement did address a con, but also removed a pro and added another con (no warranty after unlock.)

  • But there are no EU forums where we could make our voices heard.

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