Weekly Roundup [August 19, 2016]

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Welcome to our weekly roundup on Z-Community! Here are this week's highlights:

Top Ten Topics

Gaining Deeper Understanding Into Customer Insights

With the shipment of Gray Axon 7's this past week, Axon fever is reaching new heights. Even so, we recognize that there are many customer feedback issues to address, and we continue to around the clock to bring new fixes and features. In addition to last week's statement about pressing forward, we are constantly brainstorming new ways to bring a deeper knowledge of customer insights to our R&D team. Below are several examples, but more importantly we invite you to recommend other ideas to help us on this journey.

  • Beta testing pre-released products and software
  • Gathering and prioritizing post-released product feedback
  • Hosting in-person focus groups to gain even deeper customer insights
  • Conducting online surveys and discussions to gather customer feedback
  • Conducting online polls to help us prioritize or benchmark product feedback
  • Selecting a small group of customers & technical experts to dig deeper into specific areas of feedback
  • Spotting trends and patterns in organic discussions on Z-Community to help shape our product roadmap

This is a small list, but it doesn't end there. More importantly, we want to connect with those who are equally passionate about mobile products and software. If that's you in a nutshell, we would love to  hear other novel or obvious ideas you have to help shape our journey towards better products and experiences. Please take a moment to brainstorm and share!

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