Phase 2 of CSX ending soon...Submit your entries now!

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With Phase 1 of CSX behind us, the larger stakes are ahead - with $1,500 awarded to five new winners. As highlighted in the phase 2 concept instructions, the easiest option to win $1,500 is simply create a detailed concept of the three finalist ideas:

  1. Self-Adhesive Smartphone with Optimized User Interface via Eye Tracking System and Split Screen Technology
  2. Powerglove (Android application control of hands)
  3. VR – Interactive diving mask

It's really that simple. Pick the idea that you resonate with the most, and then create concept drawings and descriptions of the desired finished product you want to see. Be sure to complete the additional four questions outlined in the submission to wrap up your entry.

If you don't relate to these three ideas, you can also quality to win $1,500 towards the remaining two winner spots - but you will now need to complete both phase 1 & 2 questions to have a complete entry. This is more work, but allows you flexibility in case you weren't able to submit in phase 1 or have a new idea/concept this month.

There is less than two weeks to submit, so think fast! If you have any questions about participating, hit the reply/comment button below!

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