Announcing The Z-Community Logo Contest Winners

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There's no doubt that Z-Community is full of talented members and our recent Z-Community Logo Contest proved that many times over. With all of the submissions that we received, it was hard to pick just 3. We needed a logo that could easily be recognized, inspired a positive community vibe, was easily manageable by our marketing director and one that wouldn't end up putting us in the slammer for trademark infringements.

Once we were able to narrow it down to the top 10, we then had to really get our hands dirty. We looked for something simple, something modern with a touch of flair and something that really stood out. Here is what we've come up with.

The Z-Community Logo Contest Winners

1st Place


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2nd Place

ZTE Community Logo.png

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3rd Place


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Congratulations To Our Z-Community Logo Contest Winners!

A Special Thank You Is Also In Place For Everyone That Submitted Their Logos To The Contest!

* Prizes will be distributed via email within 24 hours of this post


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