Featured User Of The Week - Shout Out

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Featured User Of The Week - Shout Out

This Week's Featured User Goes To @msieger2018

@msieger2018 Has not been with us a long time, but surely he is making up for it quickly. You may have noticed his numerous polls on various topics. His need for answers is almost contagious. research has led him to the Axon7, as well as Z-Community, and something tells me he is hooked on both!

When he isn't busy discussing all things tech, you will find @msieger2018 answering polls, and helping members. While we can't be sure what @msieger2018's next poll will be, it's a safe bet that it won't include Charlize Theron or Angie Harmon, or is it?

@msieger2018 You have become a great asset to Z-Community

On behalf of the Mod Squad, we say thank you for being a part of Z-Community.

Keep on Posting!


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