Project CSX Update

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If you're not familiar with Project CSX (Crowd Sourced X), it's the project where consumers lead every aspect of the development process of a new mobile device.  In late 2016, the idea and concept of a truly, hands-free phone, was ultimately voted on by consumers as the Project CSX device to build in 2017.  Two key features differentiate this phone to make it hands-free: 1) a scrolling feature that detects eye motion to read pages, without the need to use thumbs and fingers to scroll, and 2) an adhesive backing that allows a phone to be mounted to vertical surfaces to read.  Thousands of consumers from 176 countries voted on Project CSX and helped to select the features and design.

Here at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) today, we've announced the winner of the brand name competition.  More than 500 names were submitted as potential candidates and a final name was selected and announced.  Also at CES, we've showed off an early design prototype of the phone.  We also put it on a popular crowd-funding site to allow consumers who are interested in early access to the phone. Details about our announcements at CES are posted on our project site at  


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    Thanks for the time you spent with us last week ​! It was very much appreciated, I know how busy your schedule must be. The CSX project and Daydream demo was just awesome to see.  Thanks again!

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    I don't need my phone to scroll for me. What I need is something with all of the basic features of my Axon 7, but with better reception and support for LTE Band 71. A better camera and larger battery also wouldn't go amiss, but the reception and band 71 are absolute must haves on top of all the existing Axon 7 features.

    Also, thank for ruining phones that don't feature stereo speakers for me. Now I can't even consider buying a phone if it doesn't feature them. Do you even realize how few manufacturers offer that feature? Sony is the only other manufacturer that I'm aware of that produces a flagship quality phone featuring them.

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