Lucky 7 - Contest January 2nd - 8th

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To keep up the theme of the CES 2017 Fan Event, Las Vegas and the Axon 7, we thought we'd throw in a contest.

This one is going to be for all of our Axon 7 users. Your creativity is going to be key when submitting your entries.

What the contest is:

Find the number 7 in your daily environment and capture a photo of it. It could be anything from a shadow that the sun casts on a sidewalk, to the bite that you took out of a sandwich that left the number ''7'' image behind.

How To Enter:Follow Z-Community on Twitter Z-Community (@ZTE_Community) | Twitter

Tag your photo with #ShotOnAxon #Lucky7

The contest will run from January 2nd through January 8th at 11:59PM EST

The Prizes:

7 prizes in all. Each day, one photo will be chosen buy your Mod Squad to win a

ZTE Axon 7 Co-Mold Protective Case(Black)

On January 9, 2017 all daily winners over the past week will be added into a drawing to win an upcoming ZTE Smartphone.

*Photo must be taken on an Axon 7

**Prizes are limited to those located in the US only



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