Unboxing Contest [Instructions and Submissions] March 2017

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Welcome to the sequel of our Mock Unboxing Contest

An exclusive contest just for Z-Community Members

What it is:

  • An online contest to select the best smartphone unboxing videos that you have recorded in the past or can record for this contest

Why participate:

  • Winners will receive mobile accessory prizes of their choice as follows: 1st place to receive a choice of up to three (3) accessories that can be purchased on Amazon worth up to a total of $100; 2nd place of up to two (2) accessories worth $75; 3rd place of one (1) accessory worth up to $50
  • Winners will also have priority selection for future ZTE device unboxing opportunities, where they would keep the devices after submitting their unboxing masterpiece
  • Furthermore, winners of upcoming new device unboxings may be showcased on Z-Community and our social media channels

How to win:

  • Simply record a 1 to 3-minute long unboxing video of a smartphone with your own video-recording equipment. Record only your hands unboxing the device and any audio commentary that goes along with it.
  • We're primarily evaluating your delivery approach, namely clarity and insight for the regular consumer. Note: the smartphone must be a released product and you must not mention anything that is protected by any non-disclosure agreements
  • Ideally if you have the original box with everything that came in it
  • Submit your video before the deadline of March 19 at 11:59pm EDT by replying to this discussion and including a link to your YouTube video
  • Each member is limited to one submission, so put your best foot forward and showcase your masterpiece!

* the exact number of finalists and winners will be determined based on the quantity and quality of contest submissions. Additionally, finalists are chosen by the Z-Community Team, who will be interviewing them and reviewing subsequent unboxing videos before winners are officially selected and announced

Terms & Conditions:

  • Any video submissions with copyright sensitive material (unlicensed music/ footage) will be immediately disqualified
  • The participation in our contest implies accepting that the video becomes intellectual property of ZTE USA and may be used for advertising / informational purposes
  • Entries must be submitted by March 19, 2017 at 11:59PM EDT or otherwise be disqualified for prizes
  • ZTE USA reserves the right to change the contest rules at any time
  • All community members may enter, however only those who reside in the US can win

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