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We're excited to announce a new product from the ZTE family of wireless devices - the connected, Android Wear 2.0, and very affordable ZTE Quartz smartwatch.  Although it's not ZTE's first entry in the watch market (we built the Axon watch for the market in China in 2015), this is the first time that we have designed a watch for the Android Wear ecosystem and it is also the first time for a 3G connected watch.  These are two important things to ZTE before we undertook a project to develop a smartwatch for the US, so I'd like to address the benefits of both:

Android Wear 2.0 - One of the issues preventing greater adoption of early smartwatches has been usability and interaction with apps on a small screen.  Typing, for example, was restrictive and a learning process for many on early smartwatches.  Now, in Android Wear 2.0, this interaction becomes much simpler, especially with the introduction of Google Assistant.  Using voice commands is very natural, and a much faster way to communicate with your watch.  With greatly simplified usability, and the power of the Android ecosystem of apps, we believe the time is right now for ZTE to enter the smartwatch market.

3G Connected Watch - A connected watch means the ability to interact directly with a cellular network, instead of needing to pair the watch with a phone (although Quartz supports both).  While we don't expect consumers to ditch their smartphones completely, there are times during the day, or perhaps an entire weekend, that one would want to leave their phone at home.  Going for a run, a day at the beach, disconnecting from work email on a Saturday - are all good reasons to leave the phone behind for a few hours.  However, consumers can still be reached, if needed.  Quartz can make phone calls, receive text messages, hail an Uber, or track steps on a run all with ease.  ZTE's experience with cellular networks, and providing great audio experiences, came in handy when we designed the ZTE Quartz.

There are many great features in our Quartz watch.  You can personalize it with any standard 22mm band.  You can connect it using Google Assistant with other devices at home to easily turn off lights or change the temperature on the thermostat.  But one of the best features is that nearly anyone can easily use and afford a smartwatch.  That may sound like a broken record from ZTE, but it's true to our mission and what we want to do... to deliver great technology to everyone around the world.

ZTE Quartz

For pricing and availability, visit t-mobile.com.


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