The New & Improved Z-Community [6/15/17]

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The great debate of form over function or function over form can now be squashed. Welcome to the new and improved Z-Community site, with improved functionality and looks. Here are several of the most obvious changes you will find starting today:

  • Responsive site and enhanced mobile experience (it is 2017 after all)
  • Robust notification controls (say goodbye to “helpful” notifications)
  • Easier on the eyes (though looks aren’t everything)
  • Enhanced SPAM protection (appreciated by all)
  • Better overall performance (ambiguous, yes)

As with all major migrations and updates, Murphy’s law applies. If you come across anything wonky, please let us know with a reply to this post. But even if you don’t find anything, drop us a note on your initial impressions – good and bad and everything in between!



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