Mi-POP in notification area

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After spending a few weeks really getting accustomed to my ZTE Blade X Max, I can truly say that one of my favorite features, is Mi-POP. My only complaint about this feature though, is honestly its implementation. While the on-screen "transparent" key is a serviceable option, I do think that it would be just as accessible, as well as better placed, if there were an option to utilize its functionality from the actual notification shade (especially the screenshot option)

Mi-POP in notification area 3 votes

Mi-POP Notification Shade Functionality/Placement
66% 2 votes
Mi-POP Transparent Icon
33% 1 vote


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    @OneManBandMan87 Hello, While I dont have this device, I do have an Axon7 and have tried out MiPop a little bit. If you use the search function of this site, top right corner and search MiPop you may find some useful tips, and tricks that are not in the Blade X area. I know members talked about it early on in the Axon7 section. Just a thought. Welcome to Z-Community, and should you need anything, please feel free to give a shout :)

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