Watch doesn't know where I am - GPS?

JoeHJoeH Posts: 1

I'm wondering if the GPS part of my watch is not working.

I've had my ZTE Quartz Smartwatch for about a week now and am slowly figuring out all the cool things it can do. Biggest challenge so far has been looking at my wrist for the time instead of pulling my phone out. :smiley:

I took a trip this weekend and used Google Maps on my phone to navigate and was surprised when I looked at my wrist to see the map app on my watch running and showing me the directions, vibrating when a turn was coming up, etc. However, I didn't use Google Maps on the way back, because I knew the way home.

I mention this trip because all weekend, the weather app on my watch has thought I was in that other town. It wasn't until I brought up Google Maps on my phone this morning that it changed from that town to my home town.

I also noticed that bringing up Maps on my watch, it says "Waiting for location" for a long time, not sure it ever gets one without me going into Google Maps on the phone.

When I go into settings, location is set to on ("from phone & watch") and High Accuracy.

Is this an issue with my watch that needs service or is this the expected behavior?


  • samsamhasamsamha United StatesPosts: 2,363 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, @JoeH

    I am glad you are finding cool thing to do with your watch.

    Did you test the GPS indoor or outdoor?

    The watch's GPS takes a little bit of time to lock the location and does not work too well indoor (like most GPS devices). If you haven't done this, try to test it outdoor in an relatively open area to see if it can lock the location. FYI, i sometimes do have to restart the watch and let it boot up for a few minutes before firing up Google Map for it to pin the location in order for the GPS to lock the location.

    When you have the location service set to from phone and watch, then the watch should pull the location from the built in GPS or the phone's location (and even your wifi network). This often will give you the most up to date location as long as you have the phone paired to the watch and stay connected.

  • navimbannavimban NYPosts: 5 ✭✭✭✭

    I am having the same issue ever since I installed the new update. I already returned it for repair but the GPS continues to not work without the phone present. I used to just go for a run without my phone, but the loss of GPS functionality makes mapping my runs impossible with this watch by itself 😔

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