Please send me your direct phone number.

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Please send me the direct phone number for the customer service reps. I bought my phone since last august and only tonight i found out that this company is based in texas, i was speaking to mechanics based in india from the time i bought this phone.


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    hi, @alexia

    this is the zte's customer support number:

    If you want, you could give us a little information about the issue you have with the phone and see if any one of the members here can help you out.

  • Many of my apps is disable, i did not disable them.

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    I see.

    If an app is disabled, you should be able to re-enable it by going into the app setting. have you try to re-enable them? If so, were you able to enable them and do they work after you enable them?

    If there is some setting somehow disable whole bunch of apps, you could always do a factory reset the phone so you can return the phone to the stock setting? And see if that re-enable all of the apps.

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    Every time i called ZTE tech support i talked too some in Richardson texas dont know why your getting someone in india maybe your not calling zte?

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