Are you satisfied with the Grand Max X 2 / Do you think its a good value?

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<body><p>With a Full HD display </p><p>Quad Core Processor </p><p>13MP rear Camera</p><p>5MP front Camera </p><p>3400mah battery </p><p>With these specs you would expect a device far over the $200 what you think?</p></body>

Are you satisfied with the Grand Max X 2 / Do you think its a good value? 13 votes

I think my Grand Max 2 is a beast!
15% 2 votes
I would rather something else
61% 8 votes
It does the job for the money I paid
23% 3 votes


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    1.) system overloads and it restarts

    2.)Dolby Sound when on makes speakers sound like they are blown. I've tried it on bluetooth, aux cable and on device speakers.  Ive tried different apps, songs and volume levels,  all soy ds like crap.

    3.)Ram is always running low. I have forced stopped, removed and blocked apps. Its systems and utilities that uses it all up.

    4.)Constantly calling people on its own. At first I thought I was butt dialing a lot. Lately I've seen it call some one while its sitting in the chair next to me.

    5.) Horrible touch response.  Consistently innaccurate and slugish.

    6.) Blue tooth issues galore.  From dropped to skipping to not finding devices.

    This is by far the worst zte phone i have ever owned, and Ive owned alot. I used to sound like a zte spokes person because I always bragged about and recommended their phones. Not anymore. This is the biggest piece of *@$! phone ive used. A big screen is pointless if the phone is useless. Im going to break mine so I can use my insurance to by a different one. Shame on you for releasing such a sorry phone!

    ****That was an older post, Id like to add more issues.***

    7) The phone app, the one required to use the phphone, crashes when calls come in.

    8) The stock text now crashes every time and is not usable

    9) Phone sound quality is so poor i must use a head set or bluetooth in order to understand and to be understood. The call quality is still poor.

    10) Stock camera crashes with in 6 seconds of use

    According to the votes that were cast, no one likes their Grand X Max 2. The fact that zte has not responded or realeased an update, shows that zte doesn't care.

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    This phone for what it is does a good job. I have it and am selling it. I upgraded to the Axon 7 and will not look back. Dolby on this phone is more of a software EQ not like it is on the Axon 7 where it flows through a DAC to clean up the audio before flowing through the headphones or speakers. but for the price this phone is now (cricket i think i selling this for 129.99 with activation) it is an awesome deal. I bought this phone when it first launched for 199 and it was still a great deal. My girlfriend at the time was jealous because she thought the phone looked alot like a galaxy s6. lol

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    That awesome to here your enjoying you Axon 7, I wouldn't trade mine for the world so its always great to see other enjoying it as much as I do. The Grand Max 2 is definitely a really well spec'd device for its price thats for sure

  • Hellll Nah!!! As far as I know there is no value to crap. So even a penny

    was a rip off.

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