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Would you like the Google Dialer to be installed

<body><p>One of the things I'm going to miss about my Nexus is the Google Dialer. It's the one app Google will not let you just download, there has to be OS support for it. Is this a feature everyone would be interested in ZTE implementing?</p></body>

Would you like the Google Dialer to be installed 344 votes

Yes I'd love the play store Google Dialer
90% 310 votes
No, the Google Dialer isn't as important to me.
9% 34 votes


  • delle17delle17 North Carolina, United StatesPosts: 730 ✭✭

    Any dailer would do for me.

    "A Phone made entirely with you (me) in mind!"

    Never Settle

    #ZTE #AXON-7

  • 02busa02busa United StatesPosts: 1,439 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, definitely!

  • One of the most important phone features for me - Google dialer. I want to have it either way: integrated from the beginning or added on the rooted phone.

  • dwbostondwboston Posts: 118 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I thought Google only allows the dialer on Nexus devices?  It's one of the selling point for Nexus devices.

    I get why people want stock features in an OEM phone, but it's silly to demand that ZTE essentially deliver a Nexus device.  If Google dialer, unlocked bootloader, onscreen keys, etc. are what you want, then wait and buy a Nexus in 2 months.

  • Has anyone rooted the axon 7 yet? They company said they aren't going to unlock the booloader so it seems unlikely they made it easy to root.  I could be wrong though. 

  • rczriderrczrider AshevillePosts: 352

    I've never been a fan of the Google Dialer, so I'm largely indifferent.

  • I'm not one of those users who demand that Axon looks just like their previous phones, wanted first capacitive  buttons, then additional onscreen buttons, led signal lights etc.

    But Google dialer certainly adds value for me. It's not just extremely good looking and practical, it is the only one which enables searching for all contacts available on the web from the dialer screen. No other comes even close.

    I've used Google dialer since it was launched on many phones (never had Nexus) and I still use it. My first phone with Google dialer was Motorola and if I remember correctly it was native dialer. It looked weird to me first, with that small search field on the top it looked nothing like what dialer supposed to be at that time. But finding searching possibilities and seeing how it handles favorites made me change my mind instantly. And like I said, after that I had Google dialer on many phones, mostly on Motorolas, but also on Huawei, Alcatel, Lenovo...

    So actually I don't need Axon to install Google dialer, what I need is just unlocked bootloader. Except last couple of versions every previous has been able to be pushed to the rooted system.

    I never had Nexus and probably I won't. Not only that for me as a frequent traveler 2 sims are must, I was never fan of LG. And it is well known that a lot of patches after launching new Android systems was necessary to keep LG Nexus working. Besides Huawei Nexus looks for me little ugly.

    And most of Chinese dialers don't looks anything I consider aesthetic nor practical.  Just recently I learned that they imitate Iphone dialer.

  • kulkietkulkiet Posts: 11 ✭✭

    u can unlock bootloader in settings , ,

  • Not crazy about ZTE's skin. Google is better and offers more features and can run across all devices.

  • Can't unlock bootloader: that setting is there for when it can be unlocked. Right now, it isn't. All Android phones have that setting but it doesn't mean anything if the bootloader can't be unlocked.

  • nibiru2012nibiru2012 Austin TXPosts: 343 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I prefer the app called exDialer.  Nice interface and skin options.

  • dnewman007dnewman007 United StatesPosts: 3,663 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Google dialer

  • rczriderrczrider AshevillePosts: 352

    Just in case I was missing something, I went ahead and installed Google Dialer on my G3.  I don't get the appeal.  I much prefer True Phone.  To each their own.

  • papy72papy72 Posts: 139

    You can add the google dialer to an unrooted phone.  I have it on my stock Oneplus One. 

  • ddrakeddrake Alpharetta, GAPosts: 318 ✭✭✭

    I like what Google is doing with their dialer.  The TrueCaller integration for identifying Robocallers / telemarketers, etc.. this is fantastic stuff.

  • celticchryscelticchrys Posts: 234 ✭✭✭

    The next Nexus is rumored to be made by HTC. I agree, though, in that for me, the fact that Nexus devices lack an SD slot eliminates them from consideration.

  • celticchryscelticchrys Posts: 234 ✭✭✭

    The ZTE dialer is fine, other than not being able to have "favorite" contacts visible. That's the only thing I miss.

  • hollaphollap United StatesPosts: 8,377 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I seldom make calls on my phone anymore.  It's all text messaging for me, so keyboard is more important than dialer to me.  Don't need Google dialer on my phone, anything is good to go.

  • I could see how the dialer portion can definitely be anyone's preference. For me the best part of google dialer is the incoming calls screen. Just this morning I got a call from a number I didn't know and within one ring, the google Dialer looked up the number and showed me it was the Best Buy I ordered my ZTE from. Plus they're also marking spam callers now.

  • mttmksmttmks TexasPosts: 93

    Dailer app? Oh right! This is a phone!

    I haven't even tried using the phone features of my Axon 7. So I'm not too fussed over the dialer app.

  • louisdlouisd Arguer in Chief United StatesPosts: 1,191 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    How are people trying the Google Dialer on their A7s?  Are we talking about the old version before they made it impossible to sideload back in May?  Google unlocks dialer app for non-Nexus devices, then locks it tighter than ever

  • rzracerrzracer Orlando, FL, USAPosts: 25

    You most likely won't get it from ZTE but when (if) they unlock it's easy to install.  I'm using the latest version with spam detection/call blocker with an OP3 and really like it.

  • blurayagentblurayagent the OCPosts: 107 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can install prior version of Google Dialer. I did it and it worked. Check out my posting in this thread.

  • npaladin2000npaladin2000 Wappingers Falls, NYPosts: 376

    Google is making excellent strides on their dialer, plus it's got built in support for T-Mobile Voicemail, which is nice.

  • lavikinglaviking Redondo Beach, CAPosts: 6

    Drupe dialer is pretty sweet

    Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe - Android Apps on Google Play

    Yes I would like the default google dialer for sure.

    I would also love the default google Contacts app.

  • I'm not a big fan of the Google Dialer, the best dialer I've had so far that I really liked was the zenui dialer on the Zenfone 2. I also liked their mesenger as it was loaded with options and you could assign a different tone for each contact.

  • I tried Textra and did not like it at all. It does not have customized for ringtones for each contact which is what I am looking for. It also doesn't integrate well with the existing contact list. Lastly and most annoying is the way you long press to switch between sims.

  • That's strange because most people who want the same things I do in a messenger don't like Textra either. I've also seen plenty of people in the various forums who don't like Textra........ It's the best texting app available for you clearly not for me and many others since it clearly doesn't have the things I stated I wanted.

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