Mobile Education Contest Finalists

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<body><p>Hello Community!  Our Mobile Education Contest is finally over and the 5 finalists have been selected.  Now it's your turn to help decide who wins!!  Below in the poll you will see the five finalists along with links to their contest submissions.  We ask that you please take a look at all of them.  Please judge on quality of submission, helpfulness of submission, usefulness of the submission and your own judgement.  You can only vote once so make sure you take a look at all submissions.  Each of the five finalists will receive a $50 gift card and the "User's Choice" winner of the poll will receive another $50 dollar gift card.  <em>This poll will close on Monday August 15th at end of day.</em>  <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Since our forum software does not allow us to add URL's to the poll I will place usernames in the poll and in the first post underneath the poll I will post all the links to each users submissions! Let the voting begin!!</strong></span></p></body>

Mobile Education Contest Finalists 19 votes

21% 4 votes
10% 2 votes
36% 7 votes
26% 5 votes
5% 1 vote


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