Class Action Lawsuit



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    The ZTE phones have been banned for sale in the US. I'm no genius, but if this company can no longer sell phones to the US, why would they feel obligated to provide updates to phones they can no longer sell?🤔

    I wish iPhone users would stick to their blogs and put their comments to better use there. I will never use an iPhone! I'm not interested in having a phone with zero battery life, a screen that shatters and cuts up your fingers and the ridiculous price tag that comes with fixing or purchasing one!

    I have much better things I can purchase with my money. And when I purchase a phone and am told I will receive updates, that is what I expect! I don't care who's responsible for updates, I just want them. Anyone wishing to join me for moving forward with a class action lawsuit, please feel free to contact me.

    Everyone else with their agenda to push, promote, or bully ZTE users to purchase other phones, don't bother!

    I recall previously Apple/ATT was also hit for slowing down their older model phones in an effort to push consumers into buying their newer/more expensive phones🤔

    Well ZTE, T-Mobile, and Metro will be exposed and dealt with too!

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